Friday, 5 December 2008

looking up

No, the mr isn't back. A false lead yesterday had me going to bed with visions of a home coming today, but it isn't to be. Soon, soon. Maybe tonight?

But I am miles better and that alone is cause for much celebration round these parts.

And while the flesh has been weak of late, the mind has been well occupied with a range of wonderful inspirations.

I am (surprisingly) enjoying the simple knit gift projects I have been working on since finishing the delightful dropped stitch scarf. One complete sock - yay! and a good start on a cashmere cross over neck warmer (from 101 one skein designer projects).
I also delighted to get this in the post so I could block the Hanami at last. Total convert to blocking wires. Transformative. Love this design and the yarn, but the finished stole is too small, really it is a scarf. I'm seriously thinking of doing it again in a heavier weight yarn with a few extra stitch and row repeats...

And whilst lolling about I have been doing a spot of inspired browsing in Interweave crochet, Interweave knits, Cotton Time and Cotton Friend. Check out the pics over on flickr (sorry I can't be fagged doing a zillion image links today).

I have also been greatly inspired by some tools and materials that have come my way through the de-stashing efforts of others.

A huge thanks to Nichola, who decided she no longer needed her yarn swift (such restraint) and thereby saved me and my arms from countless hours of extremely tedious yarn winding. So so so grateful. So grateful! Thanks Nichola.

And the completely insane inundation I experienced from Shula was so totally overwhelming I couldn't even begin to photograph it. Those who read Shula's blog will be aware she's moving house and turning over a fat stash leaf, so me (and several of my friends) got to pick over her voluminous cast offs. Seriously, like an entire ute full. Over 100kg I reckon. Really, worthy of a whole post or maybe two.

I kept a mountain of delectable fabrics, including some totally groovy 50s lampshade fabric unlike anything I have ever seen or touched (and so in keeping with my current fetish for mad men) and some great striped jersey I think I may have seen somewhere before.

And most especially worthy of mention was a plain old plastic bag Shula tossed in with the rest, which opened to reveal this pile (no, I haven't counted, but there's LOTS) of crocheted hexagons. Made from the finest tapestry wool in the happiest, funkiest selection of retro colours. Shula had started edging them and piecing them before she abandoned the project. So I'll be off to the Victorian Tapestry Workshop to source more of the edging colour and making this the 2009 project to end all projects. I am in LOVE!

There were also a mountain of books, only a very few of which I kept. And after everything was well plucked by half a dozen of us I sent the rest to Amy's school, where the art teacher specialises in textiles and is now floating three feet off the ground.

So Shula, thank you from deepest down on behalf of myself, Suse, Di, Katerina, Nikki and BSW primary :-)

Esther and I did a swap of stash yarn and I scored some lovely Sirdar sock yarn, destined for the next wave of knitted gifts.Thanks Esther!

And finally, just to prove you can't judge a book by its cover. Delicious and nutritious mushroom soup. I know, it looks like mud.


fiona said...

That is going to be an incredible rug. That's some de-stashing - what a woman!

I'm glad things are looking up. I've been thinking of you this week, and wondering if D had made it back to you yet. My fingers are crossed for you for tonight. xo

Sam said...

I've made a pair of socks from that same colorway of Opal, and they are one of my favorite pairs! I fearlessly toss them in the washer and dryer and no damage comes of it, by the way.

nikkishell said...

Happy to save your arms from so much hard work :)

kirsten said...

yes, good spotting! that is the very fabric. and i just so happen to be wearing it today with my new reversible grey skirt.
and so, so, SO jealous of your swift! excellent pickup.
[now, if shula is offloading one of those... do pick it up for me!!]

shula said...

Alas, Kirsty, I have no swift. I wish I did. I skein over the back of an armchair, which is as annoying as it sounds.

I also have more trouble finishing things than anyone would ever believe.

Except maybe Sooz.

Suse said...

I am hyperventilating over the thought of someone getting rid of a swift (and me not knowing, so as to brutally elbow you out of the way).

I think you and I ought to have a crocheted rug-off. Your cast offs from Shula, and my granny squares from the op shop.