Saturday, 1 November 2008

no way no how

OK I just tried on the puffed sleeve T-shirt and the jury is no longer out. I look, to borrow a phrase, like a front row forward in drag. Only worse.

Those sleeves have got to go. (Especially since I just noticed - god can I admit this - that one of them is sewn on the wrong side of the fabric?!)

And while I'm at it, that neck should be bigger. Sigh. There's going to be some large scale renovations.

I know it is worth it, I like the detailing on the front (one of my grandmas hand crocheted doilies deconstructed) and the colour is great with my new linen skirt, but I have two other tops hanging on the back of the door to my office already. I find it hard to get enthused about altering garments. Somehow the magic has already gone.

Last night I slept nine hours straight and I don't think I even rolled over in bed I was so tired. This morning I got into the shower and tried to shampoo my hair with face cleanser and it took a moment before I could work out why there was no lather.

Today I am off to buy yarn with a gift certificate I got last christmas that is about to expire. Can you believe that, that nearly a whole year has passed with me having yarn dollars in my pocket I didn't spend? I'm kind of weirded out myself.

And a cockroach just crawled out of the newspaper and all over the rim of my tea cup. Is that a bad omen or what?


Judy said...

I would *NEVER* admit to sewing to the wrong side of the fabric and I've done it plenty. :)

Jodie said...

The tyranny of the puff sleeve can only be outstripped by the leg o' mutton sleeve.
Who invented that?

trashalou said...

Huh! Who knew cockroaches could read???

Janet said...

I quite like a bit of puff in my sleeve myself - tuckshop arms or not - still it's always a pain altering what you're not happy with.

angelasavage said...

No need to take cockroach as ill omen: think of it as a sign of how much Melbourne's climate is improving thanks to global warming ;-)

Ren said...

If it's a native cockroach, those cute little ones with 2 little squigles on its back, then it's a good omen. They live on their own, not in gangs, are very fastidious about being clean and eat all your rubbish.