Saturday, 1 November 2008

livin large

So my thinking goes like this.

The craft weekend was such a highlight on the value of rediscovering our teenage feedback years, so much better than a fashion mag or visit to a clothing store. A bunch of other real life people giving you another perspective on the way you look is something most of us can benefit from but rarely get.

Now that I am all excited about sewing again, I'm really enjoying looking at blogs about clothes, design and sewing and talking to people about it. There's no shortage of fashion and sewing blogs out there, I'm discovering more each day.

But I'm always missing the next post, the one about really well dressed big women. The one about how the adapt a great pattern. The one about why I shouldn't make a garment with puffy sleeves.

I'm not talking about the fat lady blog. The I wish I was smaller blog, the I want to talk about my fat issues blog. And definitely not the I'm going on a diet blog.

I'm looking for the here is a photo of large lady X in a really great or interesting outfit blog, the when I made this top here was how I handled the upsizing blog. I want the so and so makes really great large black tights and so and so has a fabulous linen cardi that goes up to an XXXL in their current range.

And I'm thinking this blog has to be out there right? Someone has to have realised that there are now more large women than small, that lots of them blog, sew and want to look good with the bodies they have. Many are looking around for ideas, inspiration and advice.

I can't possibly be the first to think this thought. Am I?

If that blog was out there I'd read it in a shot, and I'm sure lots of others would too.

But if it really isn't out there, and it should be...well, you can see where I'm heading here. I want this blog so much I might have to make it.

I do not consider myself to be a bona fide fashionista so I'd be needing the help of a bunch of other people. In fact, by its very nature this would need to be a community blog, a multi author blog.

So what do you think? Anyone want to help me:
  • find pics of good looking well dressed larger women?
  • write posts about making clothes for yourself or others who are large?
  • host or contribute to discussions about clothing dilemmas, tips, solutions, techniques, self imposed rules or boundaries?
  • post links to and reviews of products and services aimed at clothing larger women?
Oh and I should add that on the product front some aussie content would be nice. The fat chic blogs out there are all about stores and designers I've never heard of because they are in a whole other place. Sewing and discussion transcends borders but change rooms do not. Especially with an exchange rate like we've got now.


Janet said...

I'll help. Of course (but maybe after moving). And I think there would have to be great photos of us wearing the clothes we made and/or bought. And maybe some publicity might help inspire someone to make the killer pair of black tights or next big thought, swimsuit.

Hoppo Bumpo said...

Love the sound of it! I'm in the process of trying to make a flattering/flaw-hiding sundress for my ahem fuller, weirdly-shaped post-2-babies figure. I didn't know where to find the right pattern, so asked people to leave comments on my blog with recommendations. I'm no fashionista and not the consummate dress-maker but would love to help in some way.

sueeeus said...

Great idea! I'd volunteer to model, having a particular surplus of frame, but I live across the planet and only wear lounge pants these days. But if I ever do come out of sewing retirement and make something to wear, I'll be happy to share. I thoroughly love design and making things work (but usually burn out before the finishing touches).

shula said...

Come on, Sooz...

Let's see it.

God knows it would be about time.

Annie said...

I'd love to read this blog. I wish I had something to contribute, but I am not very up on fashion and don't have practice making patterns larger to fit. I'd like to learn though because I have a few patterns around that I really love and would like to make in my size, and I'm afraid to make the plunge because I know I need to alter them a bit.

Donna said...

You have to be a member of livejournal, but this might be a good start to what you are looking for

Not too much on making your own clothing, but plenty of fashion and positive photos. Mostly US based, but with some international members.

Ali said...

Oh do it do it!

Drew said...

cool story bro.

travellersyarn said...

Great idea. I am a returning sewer, and love looking at what people are making, but have noticed how many sewing bloggers are dead skinny. What they find flattering - not so much for me.

The puffy sleeves are great on those of us who were somehow born without shoulders.

travellersyarn said...

P.S. You are not fat!

red_swirl / ginevra said...

Umm, I have an impression the sewing blog community is pretty varied in its sizes (and believe me, I'm not small myself) ... have you seen for instance? Oh, and ? Having a look 'round and seeing people whose style you like and checking their profile to see if they have blogs could be good, too.

But if you want it all-in-one place info, I agree, you'll have to start another blog ;) I'll sure read it!

innercitygarden said...

I don't think I'd be much help, but I am looking forward to reading it!

flamehair said...

The 'Woman' edition of Ottobre magazine always features larger women in its photography. They seem to always do a variety of patterns to suit all shapes and sizes and they manage to incorporate a lot of current trends too.

thornberry said...

I was going to suggest as an example of a fantastic blog by a larger gal, but I see that someone has beaten me to it! I think a "livin large" sewing blog would be wonderful.

Anonymous said...

If you built it - we will come (apologies to Field of Dreams!)

Most of the pattern companies used to sell a basic "How-to-fit" type pattern that you were supposed to make up in gingham. It then gave you tips on how to adjust the basic pattern to suit your own body. I am long waisted so I had to cut the bodice (top) and add in an extra 6-8 cm on the how to fit pattern and in theory if I add 6-8 cm on every Butterick pattern I should get a perfect fit for my particular shape. They also had a trouser pattern that gave instructions on how to alter for a perfect fit.

Each brand of pattern has its own sizing and shape so you would have to make up a "fit" pattern in all of the brand/s you prefer to use.

I studied pattern drafting and construction at school and know how to make alterations to get a perfect fit/fall and can also draft from scratch. I just need an 8 day week to put it all back into practice.

I actually bought a dressmakers "dummy" so that I could set it to my size and then use it to make adjustments when making my own clothes. The trouble was that as I "grew" the dummy didn't. I had to resort to wrapping extra padding to the dummy - lots and lost of extra padding. The dummy has gone from a 14B to an 18DD, has a "bay window" at the front and it has more than a little padding on the rear end.

Stitching At Stone Cottage said...

i think most women as they age need to alter patterns to suite their shape, thick or thin, so i always have to play around with patterns. if i can help i will.

Helen said...

Have you seen this?

I would certainly visit the new blog you describe, if you decide to do it.

x Helen

grace said...

I think that sounds great. If it already exists, I haven't seen it.

I don't sew, but I do post sometimes about thrift shopping when you are plus-sized, so if I can be of any help there, I'm in.

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

I'll read it.
I'll write for it.
I can add notes on how I made my own wedding dress with size ** boobs and size 16/18 waist (can't remember now what I was exactly).
Yeah, build it. Build it!

fiveandtwo said...

A collaborative blog perhaps? I'm interested in reading such a blog, and participating in it.
An Australian slant would be especially good.
A project I have in the offing for this summer is a swimsuit. I've got a couple of patterns I'm going to trial. I like going swimming.

rose said...

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