Saturday, 15 November 2008

just my luck

I decided to bite the bullet and just buy blocking wires because searching for the cheaper alternative of welding wires has been driving me insane. Sure if I happened to be driving around the badlands I'm sure I'd be having to push them out of my way but in the inner city with no car it was all just too freaking hard. And now that I really need them (yes! yes! the Hanami is finished!!) they are out of stock. Like everywhere. And won't be in for, you know, of course, weeks.
So here look at my gorgeous pile of squishy yarn. You too can wait to see what it will look like after the miracle of blocking. Hmm.

But on the upside it is time to swatch and knit for the gift giving season. I've been searching for the perfect project for this delicious yarn ever since I dyed it way back in May or something and now I have it - thanks Helen for the tip and lesson! Pattern here.

And in totally knitting unrelated news we now have doorhandles on the bathroom doors. Yay D! That we may all crap in peace.


Di said...

Arghk! (although not in relation to the door handles :))

Ali said...

If that's a handle which stops the invasion of children you have to send me a pair - mine have been known to pick the bathroom lock in order to bug me in there. Determined little so and sos.

nikkishell said...

Nice handle! Shame about the wire.

Emma Someone said...

Bunnings sells welding wires - I can sort you out for some if you want the trouble, and post them to you if you can't get to one yourself.

MildlyCrafty said...

Can't wait to see the Hanami blocked!