Thursday, 20 November 2008

c'mon get happy the CD swap

So come on everybody get down and get with it,
come on everybody get down let's rock and roll.

Or get Country or World or whatever. Because there is no such thing as universal happy music - one person's joy is another's aggrivation, and while Christmas Carols over a tinny loud speaker in a shopping mall the day before christmas raises my blood pressure, singing carols with my kids as we prepare for the holidays brings tears of joy.

So you know, what ever floats your boat. Or dilates your blood vessels.

Here's the deal.
Make a mix CD of your favourite joyful music, burn copies and send them to AT LEAST 3 other players.

You have to be prepared to send internationally, though I'll do my best to distribute postage costs fairly. I'll also do my best to ensure you get as many CDs as you send, but I'm not sure if I will be able to do that exactly. You can take some effort to decorate the CDs if you'd like, rope in other people to help you with technology if need be (that would be you Suse), or send other happy making items with your parcels, but it isn't mandatory.

I'm making things all the more complicated by letting people nominate the number of people they are prepared to send to because I don't want people not to play because of cost considerations, but I know for myself, and I am sure some others, I would be happy to burn and send out more.

Want to play?
Send me an email (don't use the comments!!) to by Friday 28 Nov
with the following info:

Blog/Flickr/Ravelry ID/other online presence (if you have one)
email address
snail mail address
max number of CDs you would be prepared to send out (between 3 and all players)

I'll let you know your swap partners within a couple of days and all CDs need to be posted by Monday 8 December at the latest so everyone can take advantage of destressing in the midst of holiday madness.

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Elizabeth said...

Fabulous idea! I've sent my e-mail already