Saturday, 15 November 2008


Hmph.Colinette Jitterbug bought at considerable expense and this is what I get for it.
4 months of very light wear (round the house mostly and not all that often) and they have giant holes in both soles.
By way of comparison, the Lion Brand magic stripe yarn I used to knit socks for D is still going strong after 14 months of heavy duty wear (in boots at work all day at least once a week). I'd show you a picture of them by, well, they are on D's feet inside his boots out in the world. As usual.

You can bet I will be casting about for non sock projects for the other ball of Jitterbug I have.

While I have you, a recent study has demonstrated that blood vessels dilate as much as 26% after listening to joyful music (anxiety provoking music constricts by up to 9%. Think shopping centre Christmas know what I mean?). Now, I could do with some dilation big time so tell me, what's your suggestion for some joyful music?


SadieandLance said...

I always find the Lucksmiths good for a bit of upbeat blood vessel dialation. Architecture in Helsinki, or Ragina Spektor. All put me in a good mood but relax me at the same time. I've got loads more, but that'll do for now.

Gillian aka Silly Gilly said...

Ocean by John Butler
As uplifting, motivating and happy-inducing as there is out there.

Di said...

I can always turn to Morcheeba's Big Clam when in the mood for some mellow feel-good vibe-ed-ness (yes that is a word). BUMMER about the sock yarn. Does it have any nylon in it?

angelasavage said...

I once made a whole cassette of happy music. It was at a time when I was being bullied in the workplace and I used to listen to the 'happy mix' to steel myself in the morning during the bike ride to work and recover at the end of the day on the ride home. I loved it so much I later made it into a CD mix. I'd be happy to copy for you. To give you a foretaste, from memory it includes Nina Simone's cover of 'My Way', Steve Earle's 'I feel all right', some Cuban salsa and probably some 80s pop and Madonna, too :-)

Ceels said...

I have to go with Jason Mraz - Particularly I'm Yours:

And the Cat Empire's Days Like These:

I have some Jitterbug that I plan to make into a vest (if I ever get round to it), I don't think it has any nylon.

Kate Gilbert said...

Waifs, Lighthouse Man and others on that album have us dancing round the kitchen Enjoy!

nicole said...

Here are some artists that I think have great happy music. Some of it is cheesy, but sometimes that's what you need to put on a smile:

The Beatles
Peter, Bjorn and John
Goldfrapp (their song "Happiness" is a guaranteed mood-booster)
Bob Marley
Stevie Wonder
The Shins
Michael Franti
Eryka Badu
Fela Kuti
Marvin Gaye
Al Green
The Cure (oddly, they have a lot of happy, boppy songs)
The Hives
Cat Stevens (esp. songs from Harold and Maude)
Most of Motown
Daft Punk
old Michael Jackson (esp. Off the Wall)

shula said...

I'd be burning the jitterbug and damning it to Hell after all that work, and then i would go drown my sorrows in a bottle of whiskey.