Wednesday, 1 October 2008

show and tell

The Royal Melbourne Agricultural Show.

Despite the fact that pretty much the entire showgrounds have been demolished and rebuilt since my childhood, it still makes me all nostalgic.

For primary school excursions and the wonder of getting to pat farm animals.

Squashed sandwiches in string bags carried around all day.

The relief of getting to sit down in the grand arena to watch woodchopping and working dogs and show ponies and rest your feet while you ate that squashed sandwich.

For teenage years and a prideful independence. Friends spewing after too many goes on the really crazy rides and too much show bag junk food.

I hope that Amy has fond memories of the day. I hope we get to go to many more.

She had both her mum and dad all to herself and I think that may well have been what she loved the most.

Totally unprompted I swear.


Kate said...


Judy said...

Well, this was way too sweet. I wished I was there.
I'm glad you're bright eyed and bushy tail. I miss your blog and you something awful. See you soon.

My word verification looks a fright. But I'm going in. Blood red to boot.
gkfxqeur ah yeah

melindatrees said...


Ren said...

Wonderful news. Amy is such a spunk! I love the face paint.

Stomper Girl said...

We didn't find the dodgem cars till we were on our way out, much to Fixit's chagrin. One kid to two adults is a great parent / child ration for something as massive as the show, no wonder you all enjoyed it.

Thimbleanna said...

What a little cutie she is! That face painting is amazing too!

angelasavage said...

I can't believe how grown up Amy looks - and how much more like you she looks these days! Beautiful girl, beautiful post. Can't wait to see you both early in the New Year.