Monday, 6 October 2008


School holidays are over. Combined with Amy's prolonged school absence with the scarlet fever it feels a bit like a whole new year.

And Wil has been yabbering his head off. He's been pretty slow so far on the talking front but in just the last few days the pieces seem to be coming together and new words are popping out all over the place.

The advent of words signals the end of the part of infancy I find hardest. The terrible frustration of not being able to communicate. Just yesterday morning when Wil woke instead of the usual barrage of crying and sooking there was just this little voice - dad? daddy? daddy! daddy?

Cause for celebration!

As was our recent trip to the beach. Kicking the footy is now a regular afternoon activity whenever we find the space although it takes some negotiation to work Wil into the picture.

I also did a spot of dyeing for the Hey Teach! cardi. A big load of white knitting cotton I picked up at the op shop is now a really lovely shade of grey, with just enough irregularity to stop it being boring but not so much as to give it a variegated look.

Sadly it isn't going to work with the Hey Teach! since the yarn I bought to combine it with is too heavy. I am now so sick to death of this saga I'm thinking I might knit the Hey teach in my DK weight cotton and just adjust the pattern. I know I'm asking for trouble, but a least it is a different set of trouble than the one I've got with the endless search for suitable yarn.

Also cause for celebration was the discovery another great bargain fabric shop on the route home from the beach in Geelong. Full marks go to Joy's fabric warehouse both for excellent well priced fabric and a really choice selection of toys in the big basket that kept my kids so happily occupied while I fondled that they didn't want to leave even after my purchases were paid for and wrapped up.

You'll be seeing more of those fabrics after the next craft weekend. It is only 2 weeks away and I am so thoroughly organised for this one. A big pile of fabric and a big pile of patterns, some of the fabric is even cut out already! This weekend will be all about new clothes for me. I am trying to be strategic about using the weekends for the things it just seems too hard to get done at home. And since the venue is specifically set up for sewing and crafting I expect high productivity.

Now a couple of other things.
I was totally delighted to spy this on the tram on the way home form work the other day. Finally guerrilla knitting comes to Melbourne. My tram had at least three of these little knitted sleeves on poles (it was hard to see too far in the crowds). The other commuters were somewhat bemused not just by the knitting, but by my attempts to photograph it between legs and handbags while the tram jostled along.

And Aussie Farmers Direct is my new next big thing. I love bypassing the duopoly big supermarket chains who screw every last buck out of farmers and punters like me. I love that my fruit and veg is actually fresh because it hasn't sat in some distribution warehouse for who knows how long. I love that it hasn't used up tonnes of extra energy by being cold stored for an age and shipped to multiple locations through multiple hands before it gets to me. I love that it's seasonal, Australian produce delivered to my door. I love that it is great value and every fortnight I get a bunch of stuff just waiting for some good ideas for meals. Next week I'm going to start using their milk/cheese/eggs/bacon and juice delivery too.

If you live in Oz please consider using these guys for at least some of your fresh food needs. You can get small as well as large boxes weekly or fortnightly so there's ample opportunity to use them for just a little or all your needs. And I'm sur eif enough of us get on board their offerings will expand pronto.


SadieandLance said...

Congrats on the communication expansion! We're deeply satisfied with the Smurf's new communication by pointing skills, so can't imagine how happy we'll be when the words start flowing.

Oh and the Aussie Farmers Direct is such a great concept. I contacted them about 3 years ago and they weren't yet delivering in the northern suburbs of Melbourne (well not to Northcote anyway) so I'm glad to hear things have changed. Hope they get NSW started up soon!

Melanie said...

We've taken up the Aussie Farmers delivery service recently too. Apart from having too many mandarines left over each week, we're doing okay. I do miss the Preston market though - I might have to switch us over to fortnightly.

I taught my daughter (child #2) baby sign language, after suffering through the frustrations of having a pretty late talker (#1). Pre-verbal sign language helped a *lot* (not that this is any use to you now, of course!)

Hoppo Bumpo said...

That cotton is a really beautiful colour.

I also love Aussie Farmers. At least we know we will always have milk and bread in the house, if nothing else! It also reminds me of my 70s childhood when we got the milk delivered (and the milkman still had a horse and cart!).

nikkishell said...

I used Aussie Farmers for quite some time. I had milk delivered twice a week and sometimes juice. I decided against the fruit and veg simply because the contents did not change much each week and i like to vary what fruit and veg we eat each week. I finally cancelled my account with them because their prices went up too many time in a short period of time and while i know that i would be helping Aussie farmers at the time i just couldn't afford their prices. Maybe i'll look into them again.

Kate said...

Sigh. Coming in 2008.

I would totally be interested in that. Since I don't have a car, sometimes shopping can be such a *hassle*. I wouldn't mind having to top up what I was getting, if I could get the staples delivered - I am definitely intereted in their milk, juice, etc deliveries. If only they had unsalted butter....







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