Friday, 31 October 2008

catching my breath

The munchkins are off at my out laws tonight, and although I had planned to use the time to actually leave the house, see a film and converse with another adult, plans have fallen through. Which is really quite fortunate since I am absolutely and totally buggered and not fit for anything more than passing out on the couch immediately after consuming the left over lasagne from last night. Wil has been doing a lot of night waking as well as early rising and without D here to share the load I have been eroded to a poor excuse for my former self.

And while it appears I may have slain the phone company dragon (the phone and internet both work!) I have found that whole battle somewhat depleting too. As have my kids. When I finally got off the phone to satan's lair last night and I apologised to Amy that she had had such a crappy evening she said, yeah. I wish I was with dad and not you. Ouch! So even though they have installed a voice mail system on my phone I don't want and have no options to customise to my lifestyle (like not making people who call me when I am on another call pay for the call instead of getting an engaged signal), for now I am just going to let panting dogs lie still while they get their strength back.

Now on to some more pleasant things. Earlier in the week Amy and I took advantage of a stolen Wil free moment to undertake our first joint sewing project. She's spent a bit of time lately sewing rows of various stitches on scraps of fabric she fishes out of my sewing bin. It's a bit nerve wracking for me and requires a lot of supervision, but I am just thrilled to bits she's getting the bug!

So after school on Monday she picked out some jersey from my stash and we copied a simple nightie I made her last year. We left the sleeves off (the nights are getting warmer) so I didn't have to try and do curved seams with her and it all happened very quickly. She handled the pedal while I steadied the fabric and she was thrilled to slip it over her head. Looking at her it occurred to me that a little gather across the chest would be nice and lo and behold the ever giving stash produced a scrap of pretty gathered elastic exactly the right size so I stretched that out and sewed it in place. Amy pulled out a scrap of ric rac for a bow.

When it was time for Wil to come home, Amy played with him while finished off the neck and arm hole openings with fold over elastic and added a really simple unhemmed gather ruffle across the bottom. Voila! Now it wouldn't win any awards for skilled sewing, but Amy walked away from her first project without getting bored or disappointed, and now she's champing for project number two so I think I accomplished my aims.

Last week I also continued my post craft weekend sewing with another good basic long sleeve T-shirt made out of the softest modal interlock, a 'the jury's still out' puffed sleeve T-shirt (see? even just writing puffed sleeve makes me feel all wrong), and a totally fabulous linen skirt. I used the same basic pattern that I used for the skirt I made out of the denim and stainless steel back at birthday time, and a piece of linen scored from D's mother's stash. I love the print on this one and the colours too, but most of all I love the heavy weight drape. I am pretty sure it is an upholstery remnant and is heavy enough that it doesn't really crease like linen can. Just wonderful on a summer day. It is a fraction shorter than I would normally choose for a bare leg weather skirt, but I used every last centimetre of the piece I had, and even used bias binding for the bottom hem and the waistbandless top of the yoke to save on length.

I was also the recipient last week of a lovely gift (I should have ironed it!) and first time visit from a long time internet buddy. Suzy was one of the first bloggers I read regularly back when I was living in Thailand and she was in Japan adn it was a treat to meet her in person. I love her style and taste and have enjoyed reading about her travels, move back home and most recently the arrival of her gorgeous babe Ali. I also love the way she's always learning new stuff, like the printing thing.
Aren't I lucky? By far the most stylish item in my kitchen - thanks Suzy!

And a gratuitous shot of Wil in his new favourite place. It seems like only yesterday that Amy discovered how to get herself in and out and swaying in the hammock.

And now I'm off to sleep and dream.


Katy said...

I got called evil last night by my daughter. Ouch. Kids can say the most hurtful things, then forget them a moment later.
Take a rest, sleep sweet dreams!

Jodie said...

Puffed sleeves make me look like a front-row-forward in drag...
I'm sure your puff sleeves look awesome though.

Rachael said...

Nice Skirt! AND, nice nightie made by you both. I'm at the stage with Parker trying to explain that some things just need NOT be said out loud.....LOL!
BTW, where did you get the FOElastic?