Monday, 8 September 2008

knit knit

I am completely unable to get the Hey Teach pattern out of my mind. Despite the reality that this garment may look truly hideous on me, and does not resemble any garment I have ever worn before I feel the most compelling urge to knit it. Immediately.

I think in part it is a reaction to the change of seasons. Suddenly knitting something from the current project queue seems kind of foolhardy. Don't get me wrong, there are quite a few things in the queue I am most keen to get on with and even have the wool lined up for, but they are mostly either giant heavy garments I can see becoming unmanageable by the time the warmer weather is really on us or things for the kids which won't be worn till next year and may even then get passed over since we'll be missing most of winter whilst on our great adventure.

There are a couple of really lightweight projects there - some things in bamboo from the sale yarn I bought earlier in the year, but I was kind of planning to wait for the real heat before I got going on them. And since I am still going on the Hanami I can't allow myself to start another lace stole. Because, you know, that would be really stupid, right?

But this leaves me with the serious problem that there simply is no suitable yarn available. While worsted weight yarns are dominant in the US, here in Australia they are relatively scarce, and I haven't found a single 10ply or worsted weight cotton at all (aside from the gorgeous Pakucho I used for my blanket which doesn't come in a colour I want for this project). And since I really really want to knit this garment, preferably in a nice grey and not in a warm fibre like wool I need some help.

If someone can recommend a cotton or blend yarn at 17 stitches to 10cm/4inch on a 5mm needle that I can get locally all the better and I would be very grateful. If not would someone in the US recommend something I can get shipped or even be prepared to do a swap of some kind for the yarn? I believe knitpicks makes a couple of possibly suitable yarns (though not sure any of the colours are right and they don't ship to oz), as does Mission Falls, as does Misti Cotton and probably a dozen other well priced and readily available brands. I'm not generally one to buy without at least touching, so some experienced advice would be very well received.

So there's that problem.

But bearing down on me is how fast Wednesday is approaching (that's my first commute to work day of the week) and I HAVE NO COMMUTER KNITTING PROJECT. Now that I have finished both Amy's socks and my mad hatter's hat (pattern coming soon) I am devoid of small scale carefree knitting. The thought that I might have a week of tramming with no knitting is, well, unacceptable. I may even get desperate enough to have another go of doing the Hanami whilst standing up on a crowded bumpy tram, trying to read my lace chart balanced between the edge of my handbag and my underarm.


Anonymous said...

the loony pin in WA does Brown sheep cotton fleece, and describes it as DK but the gauge on the label apparently says worsted weight - all according to ravelry.
Good luck :)

Kate said...

I am also dying to knit that! Also scheming re yarns. But I have such a backlog of stash-bought-for-a-purpose that I think I'll have to work through at least SOME or that before I can rationalise it. Especially since I'll be moving and poor soon.

I'll be stalking your progress, though. Yarns online has some cascade cotton blend efforts, but they're about the same price as the Brown Sheep mentioned above. The wool shack has Blue Sky Alpaca organic cotton, dyed and undyed, which I know others have used for this pattern, as well as some super cheap Peaches and Cream (although i dunno that I'd use that for a garment. I think it's more of a dishcloth effort).

The yarn barn, tapestry craft and ozeyarn all have Jo Sharp desert garden, which I've worked with and is nice. Drapes nicely, too. Must... not... impulse buy yarn... ehn!

Hope you find something!

Kate said...

Soozs - I saw Lion Brand Cotton - worsted weight at my local Spotlight last week.

danielle.lang said...

Yes, I bought some Lion Cotton at Spotty last week (Newcastle store) - colour selection not great. But it was on special - $4/ball.

215m/142g. 16st * 24 rows with 4.5mm needles. 100% cotton. Nice to knit with.

Suse said...

Looks gorgeous!

As for a commuter project, try dishcloths!

Wendy said...

Nice pattern - thanks for introducing me to it. And good luck with your yarn search.

Suzy said...

I've used the blue sky alpacas dyed cotton for a few projects - it is lovely and soft, but does pill a bit. Having said that, it's been used for baby jumpers that get a fair bit of abuse, so an adult garment might not suffer so much. The Wool Shack stocks it in Australia, but depending on how much you need it could be cheaper to get it from somewhere like and pay shipping.

Samantha Tassie said...

I can check if the Spotlight's near me have Lion Brand and i could send it to you if you send me the details. The big one at Moorabbin or the one at South Melbourne might stock it. Actually going there tomorrow so I'll check.

I have a standard crochet blanket I'm making Lucy, so that I always have a project that is a no brainer to take everywhere. She'll probably get it when she's 21!

Helen Morgan said...

Oh, I know what you mean. I have several times been packing my bag the night before a work day and panicked 'cause I've had no knitting.

That said, I almost, but not quite, took a book with me the other day, which would've been a first since returning to work from maternity leave: The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold. Relatively unputdownable but not enough to stop me knitting...

Spotlight Box Hill had Lion Brand, but don't know whether they still do.

sexy said...