Wednesday, 10 September 2008

the hunt

My Spotlight does not stock Lion Brand (apparently it's a C grade store - whatever that means), and despite helpful tips and recommendations (thank you people!) I can't find anything that's really grabbing me. Either the gauge is wrong, or the colour selection is wrong or the price is way wrong (gotta love that booming US dollar).

And the absence of an easy solution is perhaps saving me.

Because now I am thinking more creatively about possibilities. About combining a couple of lighter yarns. About taking the opportunity to make an unusual fiber combination. About doing a spot of custom dying to get the colour I have in my mind.

So I've picked up a quick project to fill in my tram time, something using the totally thrilling pear tree turkey 8 ply I pickled up at the Bendigo show. So divine to knit. And on Saturday I am going to consult and shop with a couple of experts and see where my imagination takes me.


kirsten said...

ack! the pressure...

Thimbleanna said...

"that booming US dollar"...teehee. Sorry. But for us it's about time! My son just came back from a semester in Sydney in July -- he loved it, but I can't help but think how much more enjoyable it would have been had the dollar not been in the toilet at the time!

travellersyarn said...

Have you tried swatching with 2 strands of 5 ply cotton?

sexy said...