Friday, 19 September 2008

getting worse and then better

So it turns out Amy can't take penicillin syrup.

The post dose hurling gave it away.

I was completely freaked when she parked a quiche in the gutter outside the pharmacy and there was blood in it. If I wasn't the only grown up steering the ship I would probably have totally lost it right there but when a very sick kid is relying on you to keep it together you don't have much choice.

But despite everyone's pessimism, she's managed to swallow capsules and at last her temp is dropping and it is possible to imagine that one day soon she may be well again and we might pass more than 24 hours at a go without relying on medical intervention.

By contrast Wil is pretty much back to normal and thank the stars my in laws could take him off my hands today so he could run and play without taking me away from Amy.

We miss D who is off doing hard work with serious students and no doubt feeling like he misses us too (though I am sure he's thinking a night without crying and spewing is very welcome).

And for all those people who commented on the last couple of posts, none of which got a reply from me for obvious reasons, thanks.

Scarlet fever is indeed not a thing of the past, though since the advent of antibiotics (specifically penicillin) it is no longer the possible death sentence it was for our grandmothers. It is a complication of step throat. Not everyone is vulnerable, but it is a serious condition and best treated while it is still a localised thing. It is contagious (Amy most likely got it from a friend at school and then Wil got it from Amy) and if untreated can do you a lot of damage.

So if you have strep throat get it treated and don't go sharing germs. And if you are prescribed antibiotics, take 'em all just like they tell you to. And hope to god we never have to live through a time when there is no effective treatment.

And in the middle of all this a special mention goes to my local sewing machine service dude who came and picked up my machine off the front porch yesterday and then returned it today in tip top shape and never even charged me a delivery fee.

A wee bright spot in an otherwise smeared in shit week.


trashalou said...

Hurray for the nice sewing machine man AND especially for anti-biotics!!

Jodie said...

I had been imagining a "liitle women " life for you with scarlet fever -it does sound, at least, so old fashioned!

Solorn said...

I had scarlet fever when I was 10. My mother was told it was incredibly infectious but I was the only child in the village who had it. They also told her that I was to have a large spoon of honey twice a day to help clear it up.

I hope your little ones are back to their bouncy selves soon.

shula said...

Curiously, I owe what's left of my sanity to a sewing machine mechanic, too.

God bless em.

Lozzy said...

Oh sooz, totally sympathise with you. My kids have had toncilitis for 2 weeks, me a sinus infection and now Jay is crook, he had a reaction to penicillin! I hope you are all on the mend and can enjoy some sunny weather.

sue said...

Oh I do hope your littlies get better soon. My daughter had a fever for about 4 days too and vomited everything in sight on Wednesday night, not pretty I tell you. I was a bit embarrased when it happened outside the cash registers of the supermarket but thankfully we made it to the toilets just outside so she could finish. I dont know how little people hold so much stuff in their little bodies. I hope the sewing machine brings some nice relief for you.

Ren said...

Sending lots of calming and goodness vibes over to your place Sooz! Yes, I agree, we are so damn lucky that antibiotics still work. People should be more careful with medication though, and take them the way they are supposed to be taken.

froginthepond said...

My mum had scarlet fever when she was six and in the early 50s that meant 10 days in an isolation ward. No visits, no toys, no books, no phone, no letters. She still remembers it.

Antibiotics are wonderful - and it sounds the week will get less shitty for all of you.

Dawn said...

I was reading some of your older post regarding crocheting and i really love what you do! It would be really great if you could pls do a post on how to crochet animals? THANKS ALOT(=

Di said...

Hurrah indeed for modern medicine. May the stars conspire to bring you a shitless week.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time reading your blog...I had scarlet fever when I was about 14. I woke up blind one day during it, had bed sores from laying on the couch, and finally made it back to the land of the living about 3 weeks later...It scared my mom to death. I can only imagine how you feel...penicillin and strep did it to me, too...good prayers to you and your family...

Ren said...

Hello, thought I'd check in and see how you're doing. Hope the little people are mending and the big ones are well.

sam said...

I hope she is over the worst of it by now. Poor little chicken. I've had Miss Whizzme home sick for the past 7 days and it is no fun. Not that hers is as traumatic as your own experience. I hope you all get some sunny restful days.

P.s. I need the name of your sewing machine man!!

sexy said...