Monday, 4 August 2008

ding ding

That would signal the commencement of round two of the hurling and the moaning and the tossing and the washing. Those members of the family sniggering for escaping infection in round one are laughing out the other sides of their faces now, I can tell you.

Sadly, no matter who it is that's sick it's still me patting backs, mopping floors, doing washing and climbing the walls. And feeling a tad nauseous. I'm not good with other people's chuck.

But in the brief interval between when my antibiotics kicked in and D and Amy came down, I did produce this wee fellow.

I bought the sock and glove book yonks ago, mostly on the strength of this pup, but I couldn't find any suitable, non acrylic gloves to make him out of. But the pattern that really won my heart was the zebra. Again, no good stripey black and white socks. On the last craft weekend Cath generously parted with a pair she'd brought so I finally got the chance to make this dude.

While making it I was moaning about the glove problem and Ellen told me that the book uses Japanese cleaning gloves! I got a little more creative in my looking and lo and behold discovered that my local insignificant shopping centre $2 shop carries them for $1 a pair in their cleaning section. Craft materials come from the strangest sources...

* Added - A little bit about the gloves, since so many people have asked. They are coarse white knitted cotton gloves with an overlocked rather than hemmed cuff. As I understand it they are used for all kinds of tasks where one wishes to keep one's skin away from the action, but where waterproofing is not required. Don't ask me any more about their non-sewing use since I don't clean and wouldn't be using gloves if I did (or I'd end up having to clean the gloves too which kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?). For all I know they may be available in every store in the world, and I just never noticed them before. I think it highly unlikely that the ones I bought so cheaply here came all the way from Japan.


Judy said...

I got quite a chuckle from this. Please let's keep all gifted "chunks" and otherwise to oneself. Ha!

I love the Zebra. I think it's her big nose. I nose the feeling.

And what does "yonks" mean? Years? A spell? Can't remember? I would love to hear the sound of your voice.

Get well. hugs

sue said...

Ooh she is so cute and the pup is too. Glad to know that cleaning gloves work just as well. i do hope the germs go soon, we seem to have a virus hanging around our house and he doesnt seem to want to leave. Just one more person to get it and we will be done, hopefully.

RuthN said...

Oh they're very cute! I'm not sure I've ever seen stripy cleaning gloves in the UK though. Our fashion sense must be quite backward in the cleaning arena - I think some people still wear aprons to clean in with large pockets for dusters!

Cosy said...

The zebra is an absolute winner!

Janet said...

that pup is so dead cute, I may even drag myself up the shops for some gloves. Chunder is no fun at all, I can't abide it myself. oh the things mums have to do.... hope it abates soon.

Jodie said...

That pup is worth buying a whole book for - for sure!!

Di said...

Oh no!!! So sorry to hear you haven't been well. But impressed by your incredible sourcing and making in the midst of it all. They're so flippin' cute!!!!

62cherry said...

that zebra is killing me!
i love all our $2 shops...

Di said...

I love the little zebra! What do Japanese cleaning gloves look like? I am intrigued..... they are obviously not the rubber gloves!

Hope everyone is better soon.

sexy said...