Friday, 25 July 2008

knitting is my life

This week has been remarkable on a number of fronts.

Some of the wool I bought recently was underweight. By quite a bit. When I rang the yarn maker and told them they offered to send more which I thought was very gracious. Of the 700gms I thought I bought, I only ended up with about 600gms. They sent me another 500gms! I am now looking for a really good pattern for jacket in chunky 12 ply - perhaps with a pin closure?

On Wednesday someone actually stood up on a crowded tram so I could knit my socks sitting down. I wondered out loud if she was concerned I might stab someone whilst in the upright position but she said, "you are being so productive and I was just sitting there."

On Thursday I finally summoned the courage to knit my way through a 2 hour corporate meeting/workshop. No one said anything even remotely patronising or looked at me funny. I feel quite fortified by the experience.

Not to mention I now have one and a third socks.

I've also overcome my deep aversion to the Brenda doll project I started, well, ages ago. I've decided I can't dwell in the house of frustration any longer so I've sewn her up and am going to improvise her clothes so I don't have to deal with the scary coat pattern she came with. Life's too short. I have my sights set firmly on Amy's birthday in a couple of weeks. And then we will never speak of it again.

And a few more rows of the Hanami. I have my sights set firmly on...perhaps...2009? I do love it, which is lucky or it would never be finished. The pattern and yarn are both just gorgeous.

And every other waking moment has been absorbed with planning the project list from the show loot. Really, my only problem is deciding on which order to do them in.


Thimbleanna said...

That's so awesome that you knit through a meeting! I'd love to do that. I have to sit through telecons a lot and one day I really needed to get something done so I worked on it. I was by myself in my office though, and no one came by, so it wasn't quite as adventurous. It did make me think though that I should try it again!

Janet said...

wow, knitting through a meeting... wow. I feel brave knitting in the tea room.

shula said...

And they say Chivalry is Dead...

Kate said...

Is it bad that now I want to cast on a hanami, too? Because what I really need is another WIP! The doll looks great, btw. Good luck with your deadline.

Helen said...

oh I have so often wished I could knit in a boring meeting but I'm pretty sure i would get raised eyebrows.

Good luck with the Hanami - I cast it on and only managed about 20 rows - just so much concentration required. Plus I'm not loving the colour I chose at all so there're probably no hope for it ever - but will definitely consider starting it again in a better day!

Ren said...

Were you knitting where I think you were knitting? I am sooooo impressed. What a brave one you are. And the person on the tram... what a legend!

ps, my little bub is looking georgeous in Wil's hand-me-downs! Thank you.

Di said...

You knitted through a meeting/wokrshop thingyu? Well, I guess you're showing your public service stripes ;) (No, really I'm just jealous of the extra knitting time..)

bex said...

I knitted through a lecture, once. At the end, another student commented that, had she been giving the class, she would have thought it very rude. I was horrified, it hadn't occurred to me, so I apologised to the lecturer. He was astonished. He commented that there were many more distracting things I could have been doing...

I used to knit often in meetings, back in the days when I went to meetings. Noone minded. Once I managed an entire beanie from start to finish. It was a long meeting.

sexy said...