Tuesday, 24 June 2008

out of the box

There's been a wee burst of activity here. Highly enjoyable and productive.

The bunch of crochet classes I am currently teaching has shifted my butt into gear on this project which has been languishing for too long. I hate it how Ravelry tells you exactly how long. There's only the border edging to do and it is done. I can't wait to block it and throw it in the tumble dryer where apparently it will get softer and thicker (how could that be possible?!) and the natural undyed cotton colours will deepen. Despite being a little splitty I still totally love this yarn. Though after hearing that Malabrigio has a very similar organic cotton I may be tempted to stray...

I've also vowed to start making my way through some of the truly breathtaking screen print fabrics I have in the stash. This Pippijoe hemp has been burning a hole in my imagination so I just had to get it out there. Since I bought the wonderful Japanese handles nearly 2 years ago I figured it was about time I used them too. Inside there's a little frivolity with Trefle pigs and chickens and a stunning array of pockets and slots for all my bits and pieces. Including one edged in fold over elastic (great stuff you can get here) just big enough for business cards. We'll have to see how I go balancing it on my arm whilst knitting on the tram.

I also finished a hat for a friend. I had to frog the top to reset the shaping (he wanted it squared off and flat on top) and it ended up too big so I had to felt it lightly. Really a bit more traumatic than a hat should be, but he was totally particular about what he wanted and I was busting to meet his expectations. I really like the finished fabric - still soft and with clear stitch definition, but the felting has given it lovely structure.

And since D nearly lost a hand yesterday when taking my cast iron casserole out of the oven with his 20 year old mitts (yep, worn out) I'm onto oven mitts today.

As my flickr watchers may have noticed I have been a bit interested in looking up lately. So I was thrilled to be asked to a function on the 89th floor of one Melbourne's newest sky scrapers. Just my luck that there was a cloud hovering...

And finally some cute. My boy is at a really delightful stage right now and I can't get enough of watching him be charming.


Michelle said...

Oh, what a cutie!

Your crochet rug, bag and hat all get the big two thumbs up from me! Especially the bag.

gg said...

Love the crochet blankie. Will you please let us know how the shrinkage affects the seams? Not sure whether I ought to block squares then seam or to block once it's all seamed up?

Jodie said...

That bag is great - it has everything! Pippijoe is beautiful and I love love love those pigs.

pippijoe said...

They all look great! Especially the bag (am I biased?)! Thanks for posting about it - i love to see what people create from the fabric! So lovely!

crgilvr said...

The bag and the baby are cute as buttons but the crochet is AMAZING!

samantha said...

that bag is the best - I mean really how do I get one??!!! because I know if I sew it not only will the pockets be too small or too deep, but the whole thing wouldn't look nearly so professional or snappy. Oh the envy!

Kirsty said...

That blanket is absolutely stunning!

Di said...

Sooooo productive, And all such good stuff! Love your work :)

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love that bag - the fabric, the style, the multitude of pockets!

woolladyfelter said...

What a lovely crochet throw. It looks like a lot of work. I also love the bag. I have done bags before but not with such functional side pockets! Great

Eszter said...


Can I ask, how do you sew(?) together the squares in the crochet blanket?


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