Friday, 9 May 2008

wrap up

my baby in love and warm clothes - recovering from croup and ear infection. It was a horrible couple of days there but all's well now he's on the mend. Exactly 24.5 hours after the first dose of anti biotics he stopped screaming and writhing and sat up and went "da" with a big smile and toddled over to the high chair ready to eat for the first time in 3 days. D and I looked at each other and said, he's back.

My girl in layers of pink. She's totally in love with the new a line tunic vest now that it is finished. Knit in the round with kitchener stitch shoulder seams (I so get it now) and a crochet edging of double/treble/double. Made using my hand painted yarn from the last craft weekend, it is 8 ply silky wool. Lovely to touch. Anyone need the pattern? If so I could write it up. Next mindless commuter project cast on will be the 4ply silky wool for a rib vest for Wil.

A new baby in handmade goodies.Piles of fabric waiting to become the lightest of cotton wraps for a hot climate. Our adopted family in Thailand has been blessed with a sweet little boy - congratulations Art and Aor! Not ideal recipients for handknits and hats so I'm putting together a wrap and a wee reminder of Australia.
And now off to catch up on reading for work. Missing 1.5 days to care for ill child when you only work 2 days a week wreaks havoc on your schedule! I have a whole new policy area to work in as of this week so I got a lot of discovery ahead.


Di said...

Such a busy hectic life! Glad to hear that Wil has returned to good health, and impressed again at your craft output. Long live the commuting project!

Di said...

I am glad that Wil is feeling better - can't be fun for anyone!

I love your little koala - I am sure it will be loved in Thailand as well!

craftydabbler said...

Oh, please do post a pattern. I think my daughter would love something like that.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

I know the stress of combining parenting and work. Glad your little one is well. that little koala is so cute - how lovely that he is going to live in Thailand. Love all you new fabric as well. Hope you had a great Mothers day!

Linda said...

I really really love that vest.

sexy said...