Sunday, 13 April 2008

that was the week that was

We're all still alive and that's what counts.

There was considerably less sleep than I consider acceptable, and rather more favours than I'd prefer to ask, but due largely to my very giving neighbours and family we all arrived safely to D's home coming today.

I can't tell you what it did to me to revisit my former infant raising life with a kid who doesn't sleep. Well, I could tell you , but we'd all be bored and depressed and who needs it? I'll just say it ruins you in every dimension.

And the work and family juggle took on new meaning, with Amy in after care and shuttling from neighbour to neighbour and Wil in child care and shuffling off to D's folks for a sleep over and pick ups and drops being done by a large and varied cast. And still I got to work well after 9 and left well before 5.

Completely unmanageable and what do people do when there is no neighbourhood support crew (Tim, Katerina, Manny, Andy I so sincerely thank you) and no family (Dawn and Ron, Margie, Phyllis)? As old time readers here will know I can talk on this subject forever, but really it is insane that women can and so often are expected work and yet how incompatible a reasonable family life is with work time.

But I did make good use to Wil's sleep times while Amy was at school and got to work on the studio. While there are still piles to be dealt with and way too much stuff to be reasonable, I have disposed of a number of bags of stash to Amy's school art and craft teacher and packed up a box of stash goodies which I will be offloading in a swap type arrangement in coming weeks as I get time to take some pics and sort the last few hidey holes.

There was also a spot of crafting in homage to my new creative space and easily accessed gear. Just love being able to just do stuff without needing to find and set everything up first.

Some new chenille wheat packs for my ongoing back repairs.

Inspired by these pants I got a pattern and made some too. The pattern is amazing - a true exercise in trusting the pattern maker to be right despite your own utter conviction you can't possibly do it this way. The pants are reversible and are constructed in such a way that you can sew all the seams and the inners to outers from the inside with only one little in seam slit. Wildness. I used a gorgeous remnant from Cutting Edge for the outers - a slightly stretchy very lightweight woven wool in grey and another remnant I got in a bag of scraps of kimono silk from Kyo of grey cotton interlock. They are super warm yet stretchy, comfy and not stiff. Ideal. There will be more of these, you bet.

I finished off Amy's hat. A simple garter brim beanie with a pom pom and soon to be adorned with crochet flowers, but for now the yarn speaks for itself. Can you believe a 5 year old did that dye job?

And because I am on a dye roll (as opposed to a roll of the die) I got the microwave pumping for another session with the food colours and all my oddments of unwanted yarn.

Black and blue here is a lovely soft 4 ply merino, bound for a hat for Wil, knitted double strand with another length of plain black in the same yarn. It started life as baby blue. Aren't you glad I rescued it from banality?

I'm rather fond of dusk here - the photo doesn't do it justice - but it is also wonderfully soft and started life as a lifeless skin tone. A ball and a half of 8 ply.

Forest was a couple of balls of sage green but is not so very much more. This yarn is a crepe and much smoother than the others. Also 8 ply.

This photo is really inaccurate - this has lots of shades of blue with highlights of black and green and is quite vibrant in places. Also 8 ply and nearly 100gms.

This is actually 4 balls with different base colours all over dyed the same. I am sure once separated they will end up in different projects. 10 ply Alpaca wool blend.

But here is the real prize.
I totally freakin love this black forrest. The pink I see in the photo is actually a deep rose and quite acceptable for a pink disliker such as myself. But the red is just lusciously cherry and the whole thing is deep and rich. Wool and angora blend 10 ply and just over 100gms - what to do with it?

I promptly went out and bought another round of op shop wools ready for my next session.

I now find myself overrun with these lovely little skeins of wool in all weights and amounts and know I can't possibly use them all. Perhaps I should sell them? What do you think?


belinda said...

Black and blue is lovely, but I agree with you on black forest- divine.

nikkishell said...

LOVE Amy's hat! I know what you mean about doing things without help, since all my family live on the other side of the planet :) It can be hard and there's just no way i could manage to go back to work, it would cost me more than i'd earn in childcare fees!

Di said...

Wow, you really did set to work in the studio didn't you?! Fantastic work on the dye pot too. Sell 'em I say. Makes more room to feed your dyeing addiction :)

sexy said...