Tuesday, 1 April 2008

the shuffle

Sorry sorry sorry.

The bed ridden back was promptly followed by a beach sojourn and then a return to chaos so the computer has been gathering dust all packed away for a week or two. So thanks to those who enquired. No, I'm not dead nor permanently paralysed.

But I have been shifting.

A new bedroom for D and me, and then for the kids too as they inhabit our old digs. And finally, their old room is in the process of conversion to becoming my studio office. It's been like a giant tetris puzzle in here moving one thing to make room for another to make room for another and back again. Talk about a shuffle!

On every level I am thrilled to bits. And again, so deeply thankful and admiring of all D's hard work. Can you believe he made this?

The new bedroom is really wonderful. Sun and views and lots and lots of space. Love those floors! Of course there's still lots to be done but I couldn't care less. We're in and that's what counts.

The kids are also delighted with their roomier abode and the chance to rediscover all the stuff lost in the general filth of the previous room.

But I can't say enough about how totally over the moon I am to have my own space. It seems like forever since I started fantasising about a room of one's own, over a decade since I read Virginia Woolf's book of the same name and thought yes, yes, yes!

I'll admit that what with the stash and the equipment and the furniture and the spare bed at the moment it is a little overwhelming and doesn't feel like a creative space at all. But you know, details, details. In my mind I can already see it as it will become, even I have nothing approaching the amount of time required for it to fully manifest.

And my perspective has shifted a bit too because I'm heading back to town this week to resume office life instead of working from home. I am glad to be returning to that life, despite the many issues it raises for us as a family.

The logistics of drop offs and pick ups for the kids, meal preparation and other sundry domestic labours will no doubt complexify our days and ramp up the grumpy factor all round but I really look forward to rejoining the team world. The nice clothes and intellectual conversation world. The solving problems that are bigger than me world.

I'm blocking like mad since I have finished the knitting for swing jacket and now want to get on with the very large task of sewing up and finishing all the crochet edges. I'm dying for the warmth of it after this last freezing week, and I have so many exciting projects in the queue!

But I'm in a bit of a quandary about what to sew it up with. Is the Spun too thick and weak for seaming? If so how on earth do I find something that matches colourwise? Advice please!

And whilst I was at the beach I was in urgent need of some black wool. (Are you laughing at me?) The op shop was thankfully able to supply, and whilst there I picked up a few balls of cream to get on to the dying train.

I figure it is something I can do with Amy if I use food colours so this morning we bought out the local supermarket of black to deepen off some of the garish colours I have in dye pastes. I now have to skein it all up until my arms drop off. I promise to report back. If I can still type.

Um, what else? Amy and her friend made fantastic necklaces from my button box, inspired by a few of the button accessories I've seen about the place of late.

So incredibly easy and can I say, quite wearable for kid art. I'm going to be doing some workshops with the kids in Amy's class around this and a few other projects next term which should be pretty cool.

And speaking of work by Amy, this morning my mum dropped round some of the other Amy's work. That would be my grandma. She was an exceptional crafter (as well as cook and gardener), and I am really humbled by the quality of her stitching.

I have to say, complex stitching isn't my craft, I just don't have the patience or skill for really fine work, but this stuff is amazing. There's embroidery, crochet and tatting and this totally dinky doilie carrier (how do you spell doilie?).

There's a table cloth she made for my mum's wedding nearly 50 years ago, and countless doilies and detailed pieces to be used to line serving plates for afternoon tea or have on the dressing table.

And while the fabric has worn through in a number of places, they remain exquisitely beautiful. I really love that they are so expertly made, but also that they are real functional pieces - none of this disposable napkins crap!

I'll be cutting up some of the really worn ones and using the stitching as embellishments on other things. Some of them I might just hang up to admire.

And here's a litte (late) reminder that easter doesn't have to all be about chocolate. There's felt too!


Di said...

Glad to hear you're back from the brink! The new digs look fabulous- indeed D's work is fantastic. So incredible to make something so huge and complicaated. The finishing off and settling in I know will take time- but I hope you enjoy the process.
Good luck with the new work transition too.
And I can lend you my swift and ball winder again if that would help save your arms for other uses!

Jodie said...

Glad you are back. Your bedroom looks amazing , so reaceful and welcoming and haven-like. Just beautiful.

kirsten said...

phew! i've been wondering how you were getting on.
and then i saw the house pics! looks sensational.
and love the floor. :)

Corrie said...

glad you're back! I've had my own craft room for a few years now and just love it...my space where I can make things ...sadly my responsibility to keep it looking decent and no one else to blame :(

sexy said...