Monday, 7 April 2008

shaping up

I have been slaving in the new studio to get some workspaces defined amid the chaos. We're getting there. Enough that today's post is coming direct from my new computer station. Yay!

Also freshly produced from the studio is a pattern for the dashing out bag I made at the last craft retreat.
I had a few people request a pattern and lots of admiring compliments, and I do love it myself, so I've decided to produce my first pay to download pattern. Just email me at if you'd like to part with $6 and I'll zip a copy over to you.

And as promised here is a pic of the Spun Jacket. Someone asked me if I was pleased with it and I'd have to say yes. And no. It is certainly wearable, and I do like the pattern (especially the collar) and it is exceptionally warm and cuddly. But it is rather large, rather too large. Bad gauge and a certain plus size err on the side of caution adds up to monster garment. If it stretches out much I may have to consider a light felting...

And the last of the skeins of hand dye we did the other day. These ones are a bit larger so they took longer to dry and missed out on the last photo shoot.

D is away all this week in the Darwin heat, lucky bugger, so it's me being solo mum. Which is a challenge. Being boss has some up sides - no need to negotiate, well, anything. And no dealing with someone who doesn't like pancakes for breakfast.But coinciding with the end of day light saving means 4.30am starts to each day with no relief, and a full domestic load to just keep things chugging along. A long week ahead. Expect complaint.


susan said...

sooz i got my pattern and am so excited to make my own bag. as soon as i have a little time i will be sewing one up! thanks again

innercitygarden said...

Ah yes. 4.30 was beautiful this morning... How long does this adjustment take? I did manage to get him back to sleep until 7, but I didn't really get myself back to sleep. I'm hoping childcare will work magic today. Good luck with the solo parenting.

I think the jacket looks comfy-sized. Perfect for winter with layers underneath, which is the key to successful Melbourne dressing.

x kate

Janet said...

the jacket looks lovely, I know about that erring on the large size but I'm sure you'll get heaps of wear out of it nontheless.

and what is it with blokes and pancakes? I think they're the perfect breakfast.

bex said...

A question about making for sale. My housemate is having an auction to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease and, after seeing my Arno, has asked me to make some things for the auction. My sewing and designing skills, they just aint that developed. If I made an Arno Cat for a charity auction, is that breaching the agreement? Understood if it is, but I didn't want to step on any toes.

thoughts? insights?

sooz said...

Bex, Yeah, technically it is not OK to make stuff for sale using patterns made by other people. Personally I am not really hung up on this stuff and I would be OK with you making stuff for a charity auction based on my design for Arno, but don't assume that because I feel this way other designers would too. Most don't and I respect their right to protect their work. It is a very tricky area and some people feel very strongly about it.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see the spun jacket as a finished piece. It looks great!

(blogging from the in-laws computer)

Melissa Goodsell said...

I think the jacket looks gorgeous - the collar is very pretty and I love the colour.

kim at allconsuming said...

Can I just pay you to make me one of those AWESOME bags?

sexy said...