Monday, 21 April 2008


I've never really been one to play the field, to fool around on my chosen one.

But lately my mind and hands have been wandering.

My problem is that sometimes I just find that the one to whom I am sworn just doesn't fit with a certain situation. And then I feel like I deserve more. Surely I can juggle? Compartmentalise?

I ignore that voice in my head, that voice that has always kept me on the straight and narrow. The voice that says this can only end in tears. Neglect, exhaustion, slip ups. Betrayal.

I have totally ignored my own rule, never more than one at a time.

I have cast on and am knitting three separate projects at the same time. Madness.

There's the mindless stocking stitch but stuck at home due to tangly yarn project.

The highly transportable but requiring excellent light and concentration project.

The almost no counting and I can knit and walk at the same time commuter project. Admittedly I am designing this pattern myself so it is not entirely brainless, but I get to absorb any errors and call them design concepts, which will most certainly not wash with the Hanami (which is proving a tremendous challenge even with full concentration).

So forgive me knitting gods and goddesses for turning into a knitting tart and please don't turn them all into disasters for my sins. I am full of good intentions and attentive to each one when I am with them so it's not really betrayal is it?


Di said...

Oh you harlot you.. I won't be able to look you straight in the eye ever again...
(Never mind the fact that I can totally relate to the need for more than one project, regardless of my own past history as a one at a time kind of lady)

Suse said...

See, you answered yourself in your own blog post.

One needs a mindless tv/commute/cafe knitting project, and a more challenging project for those evenings when you want to sit and count and concentrate and make pretty patterns. Oh, I could go on ... a large heavy project to warm your lap on cold days, a tiny project like a hat or sock to fit into your handbag when you find yourself unexpectedly waiting for something and can't bear to waste precious minutes with idle hands.

Playing around is TOTALLY justified in my view. That's my argument and I'm sticking to it.

innercitygarden said...

I have several projects on the go, and all the playing around means that by the time I finish they are no longer required. Not just knitting, quilting (18 months and counting, the Bloke may receive last year's birthday present before his next birthday), sewing (I really will finish that shirt and make it fit soon, even though it's not summer anymore), the socks (my first pair, I stop every time I have to consult the oracle for further instruction, so I've been knitting them since last winter) and various baby things that the kid grows out of before I finish.

I really should focus. My Mum only does one project at a time and finishes them all. You think I'd learn.

Jodie said...

Three at once - you know its going to end in tears......

Anne said...

I've only starting knitting again recently and I've had several things going at once. I've decided to try and finish one thing before I start another as I had all these 1/2 finished crafty things. That's what works for me at the moment but I get so tempted to start new projects.

Thanks for your Steiner Doll Tutorial. It was easy to follow and I posted photos of the dolls up on my blog.

SeaBird said...

Ha - you had me going there for a minute! I enjoyed your article in MixTape and am stopping by for a visit! I've actually just started a craft night once a month or so and it's so wonderful!