Friday, 18 April 2008

knit knit

Very pleased with my risky yarn choice. The two skeins have worked beautifully together to produce a very dense fabric and a mottled black and blue effect with no pattern repeats but a stunning array of colour effects. The hat looks funny in the pics, it is way too small for Amy (it's the 1-4 size and it is small in that scale), but I couldn't get any cooperation from Wil for a photo shoot. The pattern is also excellent. The side ear flaps, formed using short rows (good practice for socks let me tell you) and shaped ribbing in the band sit much better on Wil than Amy and give an overall kind of medieval helmet look I find strangely appealing. I'll definitely be knitting this again.

And suddenly I find myself with no knitting for the commuter journey (the Kusha kusha is still in process but so commuter unfriendly). It almost killed me to travel all the way home last night with nothing to with with my hands whilst I listened to Craftypod.

I'd planned to start the Hanami on the homeward journey (I just knew the hat would be done on the way to work) but I haven't got the required beads for the cast on edge. I'd fantasised that I might get out at lunchtime and pick some up but work has been a second by second total absorption exercise (which, by the way I love love love but which totally exhausts me and the rest of the family).

And anyway, perhaps all that charting and stitch counting might challenge my stand and walk whilst knitting habits?

So I decided to start on the vests I'd planned to knit the kids for this cooler weather using the silky wool I dyed at the retreat. But now I just can't find a pattern that excites me. I don't want some daggy old rib band job. I'd been thinking about this vest I saw a few winters ago that was knit entirely in a 2x1 rib and had no bands and kind of funnel neck, but I can't for the life of me find a pattern even in the same ball park. And the pattern that I used to knit this vest for Wil last year appears to have walked out of my pattern library. What the hell did I do with it?

So now I'm thinking I'm going to have to write a pattern which is really kind of time and energy consuming and again, not exactly a commuter project. So I've been looking over my Rav queue and in my UFO basket and really nothing is working for me for this particular knitting opportunity and since I have some waiting room time in line for this afternoon I am beginning to feel desperate! Being without transportable knitting is like going away for the weekend without your toothbrush. Sure you can survive it, but who would want to?

And to much self congratulations the boy-o has learned to walk. Way to go Wil!


kirsten said...

so agree with your comment about you can make do but who would want to... perfectly said. what a total waste of an opportunity for fun stuff!
[i have a few things in the queue now ready to go - just need to keep finding knitting time.]

trashalou said...

woohoo will! I love how life slows down for a little while when they learn to walk.

your hand-dye is gorgeous, am off to haunt etsy!

nikkishell said...

He's walking? My goodness, i still remember when you brought him to the blog meet only days after giving birth. Time flies doesn't it?
Well done Wil :)

Helen Morgan said...

Was he walking on Tuesday? Can't remember, or is this a super recent achievement?

I feel the same way about my commute. Finished a headband on Friday morning on the way to work, so started knitting some swatches to take along to a class I'm going to on Wednesday, but boy was that boring. I've got nothing to knit tonight :(

Angela Savage said...

I can't believe the changes in Wil already. Bravo on your first steps, little man. Oh, the places you'll go!

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