Thursday, 20 March 2008

the agony the ecstacy

4th day in a row immobilised in bed. first day couldn't even sit or stand. if it weren't for the no poo talk rule I'd tell you more about what that meant.

buggered back. injections of painkillers. no help.

bored and frustrated. lots of pain, especially trying to type. missing cuddles and play with small children and leaving the house. and being able to play with lovely stuff from craft weekend number 5. as soon as I can sit I'm booking number 6. I'll leave you with pics.

too hard to do links but thanks for the dying lesson suse of the soup, the drive and talk janet of muppinstuff, the sewing companionship Di of the large shoes, and the non blogging mob Cath, Lauren, Jody, Maria and Steph for their multitudinous contributions. especially the food of Maria.

a few pics of my output. all very fine.
hand dying
sewing clothes
and accessories (my most favourite)

a little something I picked up at stitches and craft show. because I'm worried I don't have enough projects in the queue.

and my very first published knitting pattern. run out and grab the new edition of Yarn magazine right now!

and gratuitous cute kid shot.


Kate said...

Oh dear. Hope you're feeling better in time for the festival of chocolate and hot cross buns.

Glad you got to enjoy the craft weekend first.

Suzy said...

Ow! That sounds awful. Hope you're better soon.
And congrats on the published pattern, the shorts are fabulous!



nikkishell said...

Sorry to hear you've not been well. I must grab a copy of Yarn! and i love the bag :)

Jodie said...

The back is awesome and back sucks -totally. I hope you get up and about again soon- treat yourself nice!

sueeeus said...

Be well! SOON! I love that bag, and your dyed colors are fab! I love the published pattern and pic. :) And of course, we all love the gratuitous cute baby shots. Keep 'em coming!

Di said...

oh bummer... I hope you feel well really, really, soon. Because it's not fair to be feeling crappy after such a fantastic weekend, and when there are fabulous things are going on in your life.
What a cute kid, eh?

sue said...

Sending good wishes your way. Back pain is never ever nice to deal with. I love the yarns you dyed, very pretty colors. I bought the Yarn magazine on Wednesday and loved your pattern although I didnt realise it was you. I had already earmarked them to make for some lucky babies.

kirsten said...

oh, you poor darling! hope you are on the mend super fast - thanks for the pics of your weekend. looks like a most productive adventure! :)

Stomper Girl said...

Congratulations on the published pattern and I hope your back is better soon. Nothing quite so ageing as a bad back.

Sarah Jayne said...

Oh - bad backs are really agony as you just can't seem to do anything. I do hope you're feeling much better very soon.

Corrie said...

oh no hope you're feeling better soon...doesn't sound too good

also so glad I renewed my yarn subscription! yipee can't wait!

and I also indugled in some pear tree yarns which I thought were super super soft and special


bex said...

Erk. Hope you're feeling better.

I wish I looked that good in sunglasses.

Katy said...

get well soon!!!
Congrats on the pattern - fantastic!