Tuesday, 26 February 2008

moving right along

One of my lovely class participants from last weekend is actually a blogger. Hi Amy! She sent me this link to her finished toy - isn't it just gorgeous? Nice blog too - I wouldn't mind getting into a bit of that screen printing she's been learning.

And here's another one from my newly discovered neighbour Andrea. I am so darn impressed that these guys produced such great work AND heeded my warning about the dreaded UFO syndrome and went home and finished their toys straight away. I hope the rest of the class will send in pics too. Hint hint you lot.

I'm teaching the class again in May, and then in June I'm doing one on crochet toys and blankets, and another on knitted hats. This teaching is getting addictive! Can I possibly keep up the quality of students?

Lucky I haven't started wool dying in my spare 5 minutes a week or I'd have a whole other addiction to try and feed. How gorgeous is that yarn Suse has made?! I'm going to throw caution to the wind and give it a go on our next craft retreat in March. Because, you know, I really need a new craft hobby.

Thanks for all the kind words for Wil. It was indeed a truly low point in the parenting game. He's recovered pretty darn well though, as kids do. The GP shares the hospital doctor's concerns that given his fruit and breast milk rich diet, and his regular poo schedule, constipation alone seems a bit of a long bow to draw in explaining Saturday night's meltdown.

So you know, we're off to see some specialist who probably won't have much of use to say except (as everyone else has already said) next time this happens get to the hospital quicker, bring the letter from last time and try to get a scan earlier. If he does have an intermittent case of nasty bowel thingy (intususception for those with a techy bent) it is very hard to diagnose unless you catch it in action.

And if he does have it, and he seems to have attacks but then come out of it, he may well grow out of it by the time he is two. Or not.

But he's definitely over this attack, and with the amount of laxative and fruit he's had I'm surprised he hasn't turned inside out and all puckered up. Instead he's done a totally unremarkable 2 poos in one day instead of 1. Way to go Wil.

He's also started a bit of tentative walking which is really really exciting.

And last night I saw the worst movie I've seen in living memory, Margot at the wedding. Total crap. Avoid it like the dentist. Stay home and make some toys instead.

Speaking of which, I'm thinking about starting a toy drive for the kids hospital here in Melbourne. I'm thinking out loud here, I haven't contacted the hospital or anything, but it seems like a pretty obvious fit. Sick kids. Handmade toy love. Anyone want to volunteer to work on this venture with me?


Melanie said...

So sorry to hear about your hellish weekend Sooz. I would love to help you contribute to the RCH. Organizing is, um, not my thing, but I'm good to sew a softie or three :)

SadieandLance said...

Glad to hear Wil's mended now. Hope there's no more attacks.

I'd be happy to get on board a toy drive!

Annagrace said...

Oh my goodness--how awful, awful, awful. Glad he's on the mend--sending lots of good thoughts your way for sleep! and lots of good poop!

em.s said...

hi, i'm em. i pop in sometimes and read your blog. I'm from melbourne also! how's the weather today?

anyway, i'm going to go and check out the madeit.com.au - have a good day!

Pip from Meet Me at Mikes said...

Oh.. I know that Amy too! She's a goodie! What a shame I missed lunch on Saturday - it could have been the 3 of us!

What a yick week you have had, poor Sooz. Let me know if I can help with any sort of toy drive.

Jodie said...

Happy to get the janome humming for a good cause.

MildlyCrafty said...

Thanks Sooz! And thanks Pip!

sexy said...