Friday, 8 February 2008

batting for the other team

Transmission is temporarily interrupted whilst I relocate my technology brain from PC to Mac.

Oh the pain.

The highs (ipod touch - a little piece of techno heaven), the lows (3 plus hours on the phone to my ISP), the excruciating level of time suckage that sees all else in my life put on hold whilst I search out answers to approximately infinity plus one questions.

Sometime down the road I will laugh at all this, but right now I am finding the most basic of tasks insurmountable.

Bear with me.


Katy said...

ok, that does it - I'm not getting a powerbook ;)

The husband got an i-phone, and whilst trying to get it working (which it is now, and he is in love with it - maybe more so than he loves me), he hit his lap top, and broke the hard drive. ha ha ha.
However, people do say once you move to mac you'll never go back to PC. Good luck!

Janet said...

I feel your pain.

Judy said...

You WILL love it! Once you get going. Don't be put off by anything. Write me! If I can help, I will.

Honestly you are safer and faster on a Mac.

Love your site!

kate said...

Hours on the phone, when you aren't 16 and in love, is miserable. I still haven't forgiven the phone company of 3 years ago for all the hours of my life I'll never get back.