Friday, 25 January 2008

a little touch of magic

I have been shockingly remiss in not posting this sooner. A month overdue. I am ashamed.

You see in December I got this weird email. An email of the kind this life'o'spam has taught us to be suspicious of, but which this life of craft blogging has taught me is the beginning of something beautiful.

An email from a real life fairy. A fairy who traipses about the blogland distributing gifts of crafting materials. An email asking for my address for delivery.

And then a few days later a couple of balls of lovely jaeger cotton and a fat quarter of floral fabric arrived at my door.

I think I haven't posted because I am still in shock, so shocked I kind of went into denial that it had really happened. In case everyone thought I had gone mad.

But here you are. Proof.

Isn't it the nicest thing? To think there are people, I mean fairies, out there doing nice things for people, helping them craft and be happy?

Thank you. I hope the giving is giving you as much enjoyment as the receiving is giving us.


JACKet said...

Don't you just think that Blog Land is just the most amzing place. Its just so fabulous to be surrounded by so many creative people,-- in my real life, there are so few.
I beleive in faries, angels, magic, wishes, doing good things.
Bless you soozs, Jacky

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