Monday, 26 February 2007

time flies

He's grown 1.5cm in just a little over a week. It doesn't seem possible, but his toes are curled in his jumpsuit, so I guess it must be true.

More pressies from a good friend and my mum who is crafty and has good taste and from my sister out law who has always had a great eye for pressies.

And already a whole night's sleep is a distant memory. Yawn.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

rock a bye baby

Thank you so much everyone for your congratulations and well wishes. It is a lovely time right now, though there isn't much time and space for blogging about all the cool stuff that's going on, a few pics help you get the idea. Glad some of you are enjoying the vicarious pleasures.

I did want to say a big thanks too for the organisers and participants of the bloggettogether - I had such a lovely time. It was especially good to feel so tolerated for being a brain dead post natal breast feeding baby hugger.

I've re-entered that half formed thought and lost conversation thread phase again that comes with caring for an infant. Always distracted, always forgetting my manners, often forgetting what I was saying.

So thank you all for the fantastic gifts (I really want the recipes for the jam biscuits and the passionfruit melting moments - my goodness they were good) and sorry I wasn't better at getting to talk to you all and personally thank you all for the pressies. Next time I'll be better.

Oh and in case anyone else who came is a non-knitter confused by my gift - they are stitch markers!

Here's Wil asleep in his hammock. Just wanted to share the hammock thing, since I'm sure lots of you out there haven't ever seen one.

We bought it for Amy after a couple of people we knew had great success in settling grumpy babies in them. It's such a soothing and cosy looking place. It's made of calico with a futon style cotton mattress insert. It comes from a company called Natures Sway in NZ.

It hangs from the ceiling by a chain and spring, so you can give it a little push as you go past and keep the baby moving. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Wil seems to like it too.
And in the never ending saga of crazy under and overuse of yarn I offer up this latest. The Mia jacket by Debbie Bliss, knitted in the 4-5 year size. The pattern calls for 624 m of merino aran, but I only used 455 m of Naturally Sensation 10 ply.

I used the same size needles, made gauge and the finished garment is the right size. I just don't get how it's possible to get the yarn amount so wrong if you go by yardage. Clearly I am a knitting FREAK!

So it looks like Wil is in line for something from the left overs.

Friday, 16 February 2007

ta da

Meet Wil.Despite all planning he turned up when he damn well pleased. Born on Saturday at 11.51am. And despite going into labour all on my own he still needed an operating theatre to get free. Such is life. Ain't he cute?

Friday, 9 February 2007

yes, I'm still here

All remains quite on the western front. Thumper's still thumping and I have nothing of any interest whatsoever to say.Three sleeps and a lot of ticking to go.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007


It's been a hot couple of days, which is bad, but I got to see three films in two days, which is good.

There were a couple of weird experiences - like seeing the ads at a mainstream suburban cinema. Two ads featured exactly the same piece of music ("all around me are familiar faces, worn out faces, worn out's a funny kind of sad because the dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had...mad world").

One was for a new xbox game in a post apocalyptic shoot em up world and the other was for our most mainstream nightly news broadcast. Who thought juxtaposing those two things was a good idea?

And then they played the new Colette Dinnigan credit card ad (which I have seen at every film I've been to in the last month, which is five!), except the projectionist loaded it upside down and played it backwards. I had Twin Peaks flashbacks!

It was also kind of strange to see an 'indie/art house' film about African politics (The Last King of Scotland) and then a 'mainstream action pic' about African politics (Blood Diamond) back to back. Surprisingly I found them both rivetting and thought provoking - and despite my adoration of Forrest Whitaker and my general disdain for Leonardo DiCaprio I found both leads equally compelling.

It's been a while since I've been to a suburban multiplex and I have to say the seats were small and unconfortable, the place was grotty and smelly and the tickets were more expensive. But the ads were more surreal...

And on to the post topic, which is wow - presents! You bloggers are amazing!! Get up the duff and everyone gives :-)

This lovely crafter from far away sought out my address and sent these for thumper.I love their squareness and lovely soft yarn - thank you so much Tanja you are too too kind.

And Suse, who knits and blogs some of my favourite stuff has gifted thumper's first doll - isn't it a ripper? Such generosity! I love it, thanks Suse. Especially the lovely rainbow wool. And the pointy hat. There's not enough pointy hats in the world I say.