Tuesday, 11 December 2007

seven (sort of by the rules)

Jen down at August Street tagged me for that old chestnut, the seven things meme. I've done it several times before. One day I'll link up all my responses and you'll see how often I repeat myself and how boring I really am.

But just for today I'm hoping your memory is as bad as mine and if I'm crapping on about stuff I've already told you it will at least appear to be interesting and fresh.


- Link to your tagger (see above), and also post these rules on your blog.
- Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
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- Let them know they are TAGGED by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I have a deeply uptight and over organised streak. Lucky for me my lifestyle prevents it from getting much of a look in because I don't much like people who are really uptight and over organised (even when I admire what they achieve). If you know me and find me uptight and over organised please keep it to yourself and allow me to go on thinking of myself as relaxed and easy going.

2. A lot of people tell me they think I get a lot done and though I am sure they mean it as a compliment, at least some of the time, it makes me feel like a freak and as though everyone thinks I am (you guessed it) uptight and over organised. I've posted before about the fact that I do a lot of stuff badly or not at all to make time for the good stuff, but I guess it is true that I also have good time management skills. I think in very small units of time, and they are getting smaller as I am getting older and busier. Ok maybe I am well organised, but not at all uptight. Surely?

3. I love getting comments on my blog, but I find the inability to respond to the commenter directly very frustrating. Especially when they leave a comment which is also a question. How am I supposed to answer? I lose sleep over it. Enable your email address in your profiles people! If you want to talk, let's talk! For example, Kate, I think walking is much easier to manage than crawling and climbing. If you leave me some way of contacting you with your next comment I might even tell you why. And any appearance of tidiness or cleanliness is the result of the careful use of smoke and mirrors. The media. It lies.

4. Today I have eaten approximately half my body weight in ripe apricots. But on the upside that enormous box of fundraising freddo frogs I so feared has basically gone and I only ate 2.

5. I learned the violin for years but I haven't so much as touched one in thirty years.

6. I love lists. Except ones about me. All others I love.

7. I have no gall bladder. Shocking.

8. I can't count.

I am tagging every single person who reads this who has never done this meme. Are there any of you left?

Oh and I located a copy of interweave knits (thank you kind respondents) and I can't wait for it to get here so I can start on a new project from the knitters' pin up boy. But it is a secret so don't tell anyone.


Violet & Rose said...

We need to talk gall bladders ....

Fascinating, I know!

And so as you sleep tonight, my e-mail address is in my blogger profile, but I am really with you on that one!

crumpet said...

I love the phrase "knitter's pinup boy" — it's so true!

Um, not that I spent yesterday reading through all his past blog posts or anything. Even though I've read many of them before. Really... I wouldn't do a thing like that!

Di said...

Well, there you go. I hadn't picked you for a violin player. Maybe I should do this meme and turn it into a "music and me" meme..

kate said...

Goodness. Sorry. Mustn't blog without concentrating...

Crawling is indeed hard work. My 2 year old nephew was copying the lad commando crawling and gave it away after a minute expressing exhaustion.

We're now on a 1.5m (vertical) exclusion zone in the lounge. The cd collection is in danger.

kate said...

I'm glad to hear also that the media lies, and that Wil does get food on the floor.

Dan does it on purpose. Gratuitously.

Elizabeth said...

I'm one of those types that reads but never comments. Well, no, tell a lie, I did comment once on your blog, but I didn't have a blog at the time, and I didn't leave an e-mail address either.

I like Will's pulverising technique by the way. Very effective.

h&b said...

I like to reply to questions via email too - so the 'no address' pisses me off also - I feel like *i'm* being rude in not answering !!

As for the uptight thing - ditto.
Sometimes I think the 'me' on my blog is too selective and alientates people, but it's not the 'whole' of me. I just don't want to blog about mess and dust bunnies...

crumpet said...

Oh, and BTW, the reason I'm not leaving my email address isn't because I don't want to — it's because Google/Blogger won't let me unless I sign into their system. I can't seem to leave any contact details or my website address ( http://www.crumpart.net/blog for what it's worth) when I choose the "nickname" option instead.

Jenaveve said...

OMG! How embarassing... so that's how I do that (the enable email in the profile trick). On to it...

Never boring - always enlightening! I loved the snaps from your workshop too.