Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Wil can crawl at last. Yay Wil. Time to hang those doors on the bathroom...

He has also decided self feeding is really for him.

Though he still prefers his food pureed.

The workshop was wonderful. Exhausting but wonderful. It never ceases to impress me what people can come up with.

I even had one student who had never done anything crafty, never sewn. At the beginning she felt very out of her depth and had that look all teachers and dedicated students recognise, that what was I thinking enrolling in this course look, but by class end had completed a softie with her own design embellishments - how fantastic is that? The class is running again in February at CAE if anyone in Melbourne is interested.

I am also keen to get my hands on the Interweave Holiday Knits 2007 which appears to be sold out everywhere - anyone got a copy for sale or trade or loan, or know where I can get one?


Anonymous said...

that must be a real buzz to be a part of inspiring someone like that! well done. kirsten @ assemblage.

justine said...

clever crawling babe!

i'm pretty sure i saw a copy of interweave holiday knits at my local newsagent this very morning. i'd be happy to post a copy to you if you like.

Ren said...

Wil is so cute!

Jodie said...

ahhh isn't it nice for Wil to help polish the table with his fruit - what a thoughtful little fella - he is just scrumptious by the way.

Kate said...

He didn't appear to get any of that food on the floor. Why so clean and tidy?

I'm currently wondering if it's a bad thing to deliberately discourage walking. Crawling and climbing are hard enough to keep up with.

meg said...

what did the "theme" of the softies workshop end up being?

Alison 6.5st said...

Yay Will......poor mummy.

Pia likes her food self fed from about day 2 of solids. Preferably she would like it through her hair, all over her clothes, the table, and the floor, and maybe if you're lucky in an ear too. [and do I care? nope]

belle said...

Were the softies made using patterns/ideas from the Softie Book?

I really want to buy that book, but I've been wondering if there'd be a problem with making them in bulk to giveaway. I belong to an online knit for charity group, but I find when the call is for toys I can make more when I sew them.

I realise you might not know the answer, but thought if I float my question/concern, someone might know.

sooz said...

Now to Belle, of no known address (leave an address with your comment!!), none of the students used any pattern in a strict sense. Three did designs based on patterns of mine, two from Softies, and one unpublished. The book is lovely - I recommend it highly and I don't even get royalties.

If you wanted to use someone's pattern to make and pass toys on (whether for sale or as giveaways) you would need to consult the pattern designer. I would be cool with charity giveaways, but that's me and I totally understand why some designers would refuse your request. I'd be pretty sure most designers would refuse a request to sell the toys based on their patterns. But like I say, different people feel quite differently about this issue.