Saturday, 15 December 2007


A little Christmas cheer at the start of Amy's graduation ceremony.
Complete with cardboard mortar board and very proud smile.

A few tentative steps

The start of a much longer journey.

Another great book I am so very lucky to be associated with
and a couple of mags containing some new projects for the post Christmas lazy days.

And last handmade Christmas gifts sewn and ready to roll. Yet another seasonally inappropriate gift - wheat pack bed warmers for little girls.

There's still baking but let's celebrate when we can.


Maggie Pie said...

Amy looks so proud clutching her diploma and the concentration as he takes off... such tender moments

shula said...

EXCELLENT bears, Sooz.

Di said...

Graduation is a big day!! She looks so cute! I love the wheat filled teddies!!

JACKet said...

Kids just love wheatbags, the bears are great, whats the fabric?
I'v started the "pin up boy" hot. Let me tell you it is hot; talk about seasonally inappropiate. Jacky

Poppy & Mei said...

Congratulations to your lovely little family!
(You can send the odd fabulous hot bear over here if ya like. It's FREEZING!)Xxx

Judy said...

Soozs, you are great, just that, simply great!
Merry Christmas!
xoxo, Judy

Jodie said...

Those bears have the best faces !

sooz said...

Why thank you, thank you all.


The bears have been exceptionally well received thus far - and Jacky they are made from chenille.

Mmm chenille...

Lesley said...

Lovely singing and that little man is such a sweetheart! I love your wheat filled teddies - great idea!
The promise of post Christmas lazy days is all that is keeping me going right now ;)
Lesley xx