Thursday, 8 November 2007

why, hello there!

No, I'm not dead, just been, well..actually no excuses whatsoever. Just not blogging that's all.

I am in hyper drive right now, preparing for a great escape weekend of crafting and eating and drinking and NO CHILDREN on the fourth bi-annual craft weekend. So busy trying to plan well that I feel exhausted before even leaving. Being careful to take enough project materials, but not so much that I waste valuable time tossing up between them all. Planning is the key.

Well, planning plus realism.

I'll give you the wrap when I return.

For now just wanted to share a few things that have been really floating my boat -

Little kitchen - I totally accidentally stumbled across this place. I've bought some of their children's cooking utensils in other shops before not knowing anything about the company but this morning I walked in off the street to their brand new premises where they teach kids organic cooking and fell in love. Sabrina and I had a lovely chat and even though Amy's next birthday isn't until August I want to book her party there now! Great woman, great business.

O-wool - I've got 4 skeins of this luscious stuff just waiting a project of my own design. I have a very clear mental image of just what to do, which is a kind of new thing for me as a knitter. If only I could knit in my sleep! The yarn, aside from it's excellent environmental credentials is as soft and cudly as cotton, but as springy and tweedy as wool and I am dying to get knitting. Is there nothing this store sells that I don't want to wrap myself up in?

Habu - I know it's old news but I've got a feeling Christmas may be bringing me a little Japanese gift. I really will need to knit in my sleep.

Cap Karma - complete with Brooklyn Tweed's adjustments. World's coolest beanie for sure! Another Christmas present off my list.

Lara's covers for notebooks - another handmade item on my gift giving list and another weekend project. At this rate I will have no trouble at all with the handmade pledge.

Almost at the halfway mark on the blocks for the crochet blanket - could it really be?!

Wil's first tooth has finally shown up. About bloody time.


Go pack and stop crapping on.


Violet & Rose said...

We have booked Alice's 4th birthday party at Little Kitchen on the 18th of this month! Sabrina was fantastic. I'm ussually a make my own invitation kind of gal, but the one's they send out for you to use are just so lovely and everyone has commented on how sweet they are. I'm a little bit excited about it all. And for the child who loves cooking so much in her little Genki "I love Cooking" t-shirt, she is just in heaven! I'll give you the full report.

Annagrace said...

I want to have MY birthday party at the Little Kitchen! I love the look of her products and might have to bookmark this for when Pea gets older. That is, if the exchange and shipping rates work in my favor. What a lovely concept...

Jodie said...

Thanks for the little kitchen link - I think I am in love!

Christie said...

I LOVE the little kitchen stuff, good to know that do classes, cute!

fiona said...

what a treat!! hoping you have a fantastic time, no kids WOW, enjoy

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