Monday, 12 November 2007


I feel like I could write a blog post that goes for three days there's so much to report.

There's still stuff from last week I haven't told you, like the arrival of Plush You the book. An unexpected and very pleasant surprise. Always good to contribute to a book when you are pregnant and forgetful. Lots of great work to see and some lovely patterns.

And the major rains which saw D dash about, rushing to fill every vessel he could find to catch the water we could give back to the garden this week. The first wheelie bin (which I think is 120 litres) filled completely in 14 minutes!

The wee pouchette I made using kindly gifted scraps from two very generous souls and a snap which came as a spare on some baby clothes I bought yonks ago. Thanks Shannon and Justine (and Justine, this is actually the second little item I've made from your piece and there's still another few cms left - I'm optimistic!).

A very blurry but so special pic of Wil as he flew off to childcare on the back of D's bike. That helmet on that head! Too cute.

And I did a spot of destashing and organising that took me from this to this Very theratpeutic.

I have found a home for a few bits and pieces but there is still heaps to go, lots of toy making wool felt blanket and jumpers, and bits and pieces of fabric. I'm afraid I'm too mean to pay postage for scraps so unless anyone out there would like to either come and get it or pay postage to have it sent I'll take it off to kinder for collage and general craftiness. Email me if you are interested.

I think perhaps the destash was prompted by my preparations for the weekend.

Oh yes, the weekend.

What a lovely lovely thing it is to go and be undisturbed by phones and visitors and obligations and children and people who just don't get why you'd want to stay up all night talking and then get up early to sew and knit.

This was the fourth craft weekend since we started out in 2005 and I'm getting it down to a fine art. I packed well (huge sigh of relief) taking neither too much nor forgetting anything significant and so managed to get done pretty much all the sewing jobs on my list, knit two swatches for gauge and start the cap karma.

So here's the product of my labours
A Mei Tai baby carrier, made using Beth's great instructions here. It hasn't gotten much use yet (surprised?), but I sure as heck like the way it looks. The red and white print goes great with the dark denim. The pattern and instructions were great and I'd really recommend it to anyone who wants to make a carrier for an older baby - I tried a 4 month old and it wasn't going to work for him.

I also got some clothes made - a new skirt for me in embroidered black linen/cotton, a denim skirt for Amy with machine embroidered heart, teamed with a tunic top I copied from this lovely lady (love your work baby!) and a pair of super fine summer PJs for the Wilster. And yes, it didn't escape my attention that both my kids were getting tops made with the same fabric left over from something I made myself but I promise to be vigilant about letting us all out of the house together. Besides it feels very good to be using every last scrap of a piece of fabric.

There were a couple of other projects but I won't mention them here for fear of spoiling surprises in the coming gift giving season.

But of course the real prize of the weekend was the company. Some blogging friends, an oulaw, the felt dealer, a dear friend from my mum's group and alumni from crafting weekends past made the time fly by all too quickly. Really it was a two day party with great conversations taking place over excellent meals, scattered between the sewing room, the veranda, the kitchen table and all kinds of spaces in between. I could quite happily have cloned myself and experienced the weekend several times over all over the house. (And speaking of houses I'm always looking for new venues close to Melbourne - any suggestions??)

Such a wonderful and special little community and I consider myself so very very lucky to have a life in which such things are possible, and especially a partner in life who not just lets me run away for a weekend every six months, but who sends me off with his blessings and tells me not to hurry home and who, in my absence, transfers our wee boy from him hammock to his cot (Nichola, the hammock is free now!) and eliminates his roll over feed and gets him sleeping through the night.


S L E E P I N G T H R O U G H T H E N I G H T.

I mean not to put too fine a point on it, but with Amy we waited two and three quarter years to reach this point, and we had to move continents to get there. My darling, you are a genius.

Talk about a gift.

So I tried to live up to the dream run by resisting buying the Noro Silk Garden I was so very taken by at Purl's Palace and then rushing home and doing lots of this and making lots and lots of nutritious well balanced (mostly) organic colour coded baby food (call me anal, but trust me when I say the colour coding is an excellent substitute for a short term memory and effective communication between family members).And I didn't feel even slightly resentful about getting up before 6am this morning.

Life is good.

Now to start planning the next craft weekend...

**update - the scraps have been claimed. Sorry Kate and Amanda but someone else got in sooner and also lives locally which seems like a better use of the world's resources. Also to Jonesie and others who leave nice comments and have funny intriguing profiles why oh why don't you have an email or at least a blog address? You do make it hard for me to stalk you, I mean send a sweet reply. I'm harmless, really. And I aspire to be a full time nerd in service of the people, er government.


Amanda said...

Hi! Great post, I love photos and I'm very visual and always enjoy it when bloggers use photos a lot (as I do).

If you want to, I would be willing to pay postage for some of your scraps. I'm interested in anything at all really, love bright colours and pattern the most. I could pay via paypal or dd and perhaps you could fill one of those aussie post bags thats around the $10 mark for a certain amount of weight.

Love the colour coded baby food by the way!!

Jonesie said...

good on you sooz! this was such a lovely post. thankyou!

Di said...

Wow - it certainly has been a busy few days! I love the baby sling. Glad that you had a great weekend!

It's great news that Wil is sleeping through the night! I can't imagine what constant lack of sleep must feel like!!

Melanie said...

Ooh, Purl's Palace. I have an inkling where you were for the weekend - lovely. And in such wonderful company, too.

Yay hooray on Wil sleeping through the night - that is the best gift you could ever be given :)

nikkishell said...

Yay for sleeping through the night! Your hubby is a genius :)
I was tired just reading your post, you certainly like to get things done don't you?
Let me know about the hammock.

Janet said...

wow, what a gift to come home to, on top of a lovely, lovely weekend.

oh yes.

Di said...

It was an amazing weekend- and I am further stunned by your ongoing whirlwind of productivity.. Would you believe I managed to cut out and partially sew a hat last night?! Must be your influence...

Christie said...

Wow! Busy, busy, busy! The bay carrier shot includes the fruits of your labours x2, he, he, he...

Kate Gadd said...

I'd love some of your fabric scraps or yarn...or what else do you have???...and I'd be happy to pay the postage. Thanks! I LOVE your blog. It's one of my favorites!

h&b said...

How good was taht rain ?
Our new watertank arrived 2 days before the deluge - we were so excited !!

*Love* the babycarrier. Gorgeous colour and design.

Amanda said...

Hi! Thats ok, thanks for the offer, glad someone can use them. : )

Suse said...

I'm still in awe at how much you achieved.

It was so good, oh yes yes yes. Looking forward to the next one.

kirsten said...

gorgeous baby carrier and truly amazingly fabulous stripey top for your girl!! love the colour and cute pants, too. and thanks for the shout! :)

Annagrace said...

How lovely! And congratulations on a houseful of sleeping-through-the-night-ers!!!

sexy said...