Thursday, 22 November 2007

oi, you!

Have you ever made a softie? Have you ever thought how wonderful it is for you, your friends and especially your kids that you can do this? Have you ever thought about all the kids out there who don't get the chance to sit by the sewing machine and the pile of fabric with their mum or dad and watch the magic come alive?

Then high tail it down to see Pip or one of her team at Meet me at Mikes and donate a lovingly crafted friend to the Mirabel Foundation who support children whose lives have been affected by parental substance abuse. Such a worthy cause and so easy for us crafters to make the world of difference to someone who needs extra care.

If you pop in yourself in person you also get to peruse the shop, which is totally gorgeous and supports lots of local bloggers and the extended craft community. Win win I say.

Do it.

Oh and I meant to say too, thanks to those who left comments with tips about the toy making workshop. The consensus is that there is no consensus for what makes a good beginning on this journey which I find strangely comforting! Although it makes it harder to meet everyone's needs in a workshop setting (not to mention bring all the materials for any possibility), I would find it utterly boring to teach softies by numbers. So instead I am preparing both a range of planned projects and a healthy encouragement for going it alone in the creative wilderness. Exciting!


JenaVeve said...

Hi Sooz,
Just reading through your blog for the very first time and yay, loving it! Also a Melbournian (well, almost a Geelong-ian) I am curious about your soft toy workshop... did you get some good advice for teaching? Making a softie is on my list of to do's / learns and I'd love to know of a good starting point, or if you gained any great beginner tips.
Cheers - Jen

Christie said...

I think you will be great softy teacher. I just made my 1st Steiner doll from 'Making Stuff' & it was too easy, many more to come I think!

Meet Me at Mikes said...

thankyou so much, ms susie for your lovely toy for Mirabel! they are all off to the Mirabel Foundation tomorrow! Yippee!