Monday, 26 November 2007

The Meaning of American Pie

Just because this is a really great song, full of stories about a time that has set the agnda for the years that followed. It makes me so sad that this time has pased. Even the momentous and very exciting Labour Party victory here in Oz ont he weekend cannot compare to the optimism and depth of feeling that was once commonplace.

Ironically it is Amy's current favourite song - she loves to sing the chorus with exaggerated American accent. I try but generally fail to remember all the verses in the right order. Praise to You Tube for letting us revisit the artifacts of our youth!


Judy said...

I hadn't thought about this song in ages, yet a week or so ago the cows were acting mighty agitated. Startled I broke into the chorus. They acted like they were given an instant valium. Inspired me to go a few verses. Thanks for the post. The sixties were a troubled time, (but colorful).

Kate said...

It's funny - even though I wanted this victory so badly it hurt, I sort of felt dead inside when I found out. No joy or excitement, only a heartfelt plea in my mind: "dear god, Rudd. Don't f*@k it up."

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Anonymous said...

You are an idiot if you think Labor winning the election is a good thing. They will bankrupt the economy with their slanted views on the envioronment despite the fact that since 1998 world temperatures have actually fallen according to the 4 most prominent envioronmental survey organisations in the world.

P.S. American Pie is a great song.