Thursday, 1 November 2007

love the gocco

Because you know. Why would you do dishes when you can gocco? That's Christmas taken care of and as good as a year's worth of birthdays. Now I just have to remember to write on them and post them. Might be two year's worth. And does anyone have a recommendation on where to get good cheap card stock? Can't linger, must pick up sooky baby (teeth perhaps?) and wade through knee high mess all over floor and try on all the summer clothes I packed up into the ceiling summer before last when I wasn't pregnant. Self transformation continues. Wish me luck and the strength to chuck out all the stuff I look really awful in.


Jodi Renshaw said...

I am so jealous. I want a Gocco in the worst way. Please do tell which model you chose and where you got it from :)

Thank you!
~ Jodi

h&b said...

Card Stock - work for a paper company and grab all the excess and discontinued lines you can.
That's what I USED to do ..

But whatever you do, don't call them and ask, they hate the public. Truely.

I can guide you on delicious papers, but not cheap ones these days ... sorry !

amermaidmmv said...

I always used to buy a big pack of cardstock from Staples. You have to score it yourself, but I don't think anything else beats the price. Apart from working for a paper/printing company and getting the excess and discontinued lines of course

kat said...

I love the Gocco too!
Your stuff looks terrific.

Lesley said...

Lovely cards! Well done on getting them all done. I'm due for a panic as I have yet to make my Christmas cards :o)
Good luck with the wardrobe sort. I have three sacks of clothes in the attic to 'slim into' - mmmmm

Kate said...

I have an enormous stash under the bed of clothes that don't fit. The baby is ten months old. Will they ever fit again? I doubt it. But they are my nice clothes, my fun clothes, my YOUNG PERSON'S clothes. I can't quite bring myself to throw out all those lovingly acquired interesting things, because then my drawers will only contain the cheap and nasty mum clothes I bought in-a -hurry-between-breastfeeds-under-flouro -lights-in-shops-I-hate to wear 'in the interim'.

Saints preserve us. Maybe we should both chuck the stash in the direction of St Vinnies unopened and go shopping.

Jonesie said...

lovely cards (and the most lovely of illustrations on them too of course!)

good luck with the wardrobe sort! I hope you find treasures and also the strength to donate those ones that are not so good.

~ Jonesie

fiona said...

re the cloths,be brave and brutle. with your talent i'm sure you could refashion some favorites?!

Amanda said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, I've left a note there for you.

I so want a gocco!!!

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