Wednesday, 31 October 2007

stuff that's freaking me out today

in a bad way -
I locked myself out of the house this morning with a baby in a pusher and not a cent to my name. I hadn't even eaten breakfast.

in a good way -
Neighbours who just step in and take my baby and give me $50 to cab it back and forth to pick up a key.

in an excellent way -
mixtape zine is fantastic! And such an honour to be a contributor.

in a fattening way -
I have a box of 48 giant freddo frogs to sell for a fundraiser. And I don't even like freddo frogs but I know I'll end up eating a whole lot of them.

in a girly swot kind of way -
I had a meeting at work yesterday and got my next project and even though it is dry and boring I'm so happy to be working!

in a consumer kind of way -
I went shopping for clothes yesterday which is a very rare thing indeed. Brought on by the realisation that my work wardrobe is about a decade out of date and I'm tired of looking like a boring old fat slag. I discovered there is a shop which stocks aussie and new zealand designers who make clothes just for big girls. It is wickedly expensive, but somehow just knowing it exists makes me happy even if I can't afford to shop there. I actually bought three items of clothing in the one binge (unheard of) and none of them came from a discount chain store, or were jeans, underwear or shoes. Time to clean stuff out of my present collection. I also found this place online and while I don't need any jewelry right now, if I did this is where I would be buying it from. I also found a shop in Melbourne which sells Japanese magazines. Luckily for my bank balance, cotton time and cotton and paint are not due in for a few more weeks.

in a global village kind of way -
this map. Who the heck are all you guys?

in a cultural revolution kind of way -
the way Amy has taken to saying my mummy works for the government

in an annoying kind of way -
I crocheted madly on the tram to and from my city ventures yesterday and got through half a blanket block but when I started to pack up to get off the tram I looked over what I had done and I'd made a whopper mistake in about row 4. I'm getting cocky.

Now I need to go and get stuff done.


Geek+Nerd said...

In response to the "who are you?" I'm the second dot from the right over in America - hello!

Amanda Edwards said...

sounds like you have been busy! what is this boring yet exciting work that you are doing? for the government?

amermaidmmv said...

glad to hear your keyforgetting got such a good ending. I'm quite frantic what should happen if I do that. My DH is a 1 hour drive from here. I don't remember how I stumbled on your blog, but I did a little while ago and I've been lurking from the UK. :)

Jodie said...

Hiya, I am part of the overly large red blob from victoria - that means that there is a lot of us right? and not that we ourselves are giant blobs, although having also recently tried to purchase clothes I am in no doubt of my own personal level of blobbiness.

Annagrace said...

Don't tell anyone but I'm in Vancouver, WA USA so that makes me part of that largish red dot on the north-western part.

lill said...

Hi Sooz, I have no dot as I am out here in the country. Wanted to thank you so much for the link to the Japanese mags, I've been after a (regular) supplier of Patchwork Quilt tushin for ages. Just emailed them and credited you as the source. Love your blog, I read it regularly.

kirsten said...

hey, great post with fab links - love the jewellery one, esp.

Elizabeth-next-to-the-sea said...

Hi, I'm a blob somewhere on the British Isles. I doubt you can get enough detail to show the west coast of Wales, but that's where I am.

I came across your blog last week, when looking for cool things to knit for a friend's baby, and I saw the not so Baby Yoda. A purple and cream stripey version is now in the offing.

I've been reading the archives and I've really enjoyed it. I like what you make, what you write, and you have wonderful children. So I may read some more, if you don't mind.



merrilymerrily said...

I'm just one of the big Sydneyish blob, I'm guessing we get lumped in with our closest major city. Quite a few of my friends visit you as well. Think I came across you via the mini Steiner dolls on Whip-Up

h&b said...

Hmm - you seemed to have delurked some people, perhaps I should try that myself. People that lurk and don't comment both annoy and concern me for some reason - are they axe murderers ?

I always make a point of commenting somewhere I read at least *occasionally*, so they know i'm there, and not freaking them out :)

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