Tuesday, 16 October 2007

because you can never have too much laughter

Especially from your own babies. Am I boring you yet?

You'd never guess that Wil is being vile most of the time at present. In this vid he looks like the archetypal cherub. Pfff.

In other news, today was my first ever day with both my children simultaneously in childcare. I celebrated by having gastro.

There's another crafty weekend retreat on the horizon and I am paralysed by the possibilities for projects to take. I am also kind of freaked out about leaving my baby for two whole nights. And missing out on meeting some fellow bloggers because they happen to be meeting up on one of my very few nights with something else happening. I'll try not to whine about having a holiday though because I know I am bloody lucky to get one.

I received my October Sampler, which is such a fantastic concept.
I would gush more except the guy delivering it woke me from deepest pukey slumber and Wil too by ringing the doorbell a lot longer than necessary. I love my necklace from wabisabi brooklyn and although I'm not much of a mag girl I am liking Bust so perhaps I'll get over the waking us up thing. Eventually.

Our weekend involved family fun days and no less than two costume parties on the same afternoon (there was also a new swimming class but since photos are banned in pools in case I'm really a pervert I can't show you anything about that one). Amy took the super hero theme to new heights. Super love girl touches bad people and robbers with her magic loveheart wand and makes them all good and happy and loving. She was so convinced by her own press that when she was behaving like a spoilt brat at one of the parties I pulled the wand trick on her and it worked! Ha!

And this post doesn't hang together at all, but I'm way too shattered to care. In fact I can't believe I am even posting at all.


nikkishell said...

Heh heh, what a cute little chuckle! Sorry to hear your first kid free day was spent sick.

Amanda Edwards said...

Loving the laughing babies! It is a great sound that almost makes up for the other nerve-grating sounds that they make. Hey, how do you get sampler things like you have here? I hope you are feeling better soon. I am enjoying a child-free, husband-free day today and it is sweet!

MaryAnne said...

I'm glad you like the wabisabi brooklyn necklace!