Sunday, 16 September 2007

pretty pictures

My last post keeps floating around in my head.

There is much more I wish to write on the topic of how I respond to the hard bits, what I believe about the little people, what I believe about parenting and its role in helping little people deal with suffering, how it feels when what I believe presents me with intolerable situations, how it is when what I feel so differs from what I believe, how robust I am in dealing with that.


This morning I have a couple of precious hours to get some things done unencumbered by little people so instead I'll just flash some pictures of the pretty bits of life while I get on with some making.

First some mail.

Gotta love those friends with skills and good taste, thank you so much Di! The spiral hat (more photos from all angles over here) is superb and the yarn delicious and it coordinates so well with the hoodie I want Wil to wear this combo everyday. and the fabric so well chosen! I can think of so many projects waiting to jump out of these.
And you gotta love those people who run businesses to admire, with product to feel good about (thank you Vivian!!). Crochet blanket is coming.
And speaking of great product, I finally finished Wil's off to childcare backpack with thes eexcellent fabrics from Sprout design. It wasn't exactly ready for his first day but I'm pleased with the result. The bag is good and I'm chuffed with a few of the details I got right but the fabric is what really deserves the rave. Good quality basecloth, excellent print quality and of course superb design and colours. So delightful in every way.

What else? I bought some Rowan cotton glace to try and make something someone described to me that they had seen on someone else...Nothing like flying blind I say. You can see some more when I'm a little further progressed. And I'll show you the crochet cat I made with some of it whilst I was trying to wrap my mind around exactly what the heck I was doing with the other thing.

A 2 minute project - a new toy for Wil. I threaded some felt balls and beads I had made for other things onto some sturdy cotton. Lots of wholesome games in this for adventurous mouths and clumsy hands.
And I'm showing you these just because. I inherited them from my grandmother, the original Amy in my life. Hand made hammered silver teaspoons with individual floral emblems. I know nothing about them or who made them but they are so exquisite I just like looking at them.

And now I'm hitting the sewing machine.



jessica said...

beautiful spoons.
oh the green hat is adorable.
child pack is wonderful.
what great things going on.

Linda said...

Those spoons are absolutely amazing.

I love the little crocheted flowers -- are the petals just chain stitches?

kt said...

Oh, oh, oh,

all the pretty pictures. I'm so glad to get to peek in on you way over there! Whatta lovely slice of your life to share.. :)

Suse said...

I can't tell you how impressed I am that you sewed a backpack.

Jenny said...

Wow! You have been busy! I LOVE the backpack-true the fabric is gorgeous but you have showed it off lovely with your excellent sewing-it looks wonderful. I picked up my copy of the Softies book yesterday and just wanted to say congratulations-it is certainly impressive!

jess said...

your last post is floating around in my head too. so much truth and insight. thanks for that.
i am relieved to read your light words and to see your lovely photos today. glad to see that you have some time to yourself. nothing like a little break to help a mama out.

Di said...

I'm in love with the backpack- so clever and cute, and looks beautifully made. Amazing work consider what you've been getting through. (oh the things I have to look forward to...) Glad you like the hat :)

angela said...

I can't believe you made a backpack - that's awesome! And I MUST get that spiral hat pattern. Sooz, you are obviously making good use of the Virgo energy that's in the air at the moment. I've been trying to do likewise by tidying up loose ends and spring cleaning. Wish I had more beautiful things to show for it like you... Hope to see you soon, Ang xxx

sue said...

Di's spiral hat looks so cute on Wil. I love the backpack and those fabrics look great. I cannot wait to see what you knit out of the cotton glace. It seems you are making so much too.

Lesley said...

Wil's backpack is gorgeous and I love his little hat. Thanks for the crochet cat link - it's printing off as I type! Lovely photos and so good to hear you are feeling better :-)

samantha said...

well where to start?! the spoons are divine, the backpack fantastic. can't wait to see what the flowers are for and I haven't even got to the cat yet! phew.

sexy said...