Friday, 21 September 2007

on my way out the door

I should be packing, so I'll be uncharacteristically brief. I'm off for a week to do some relaxing by the seaside.

Perhaps even read a book for the first time since last summer. Sigh. This stack has been hanging around for way too long.

And I intend to enjoy the Spring weather and stop to smell the flowers, which seem to be blooming round these parts.I do like the colours and the sheen of the Rowan. There's rather a lot of them now. I think I might need to start on something new for a while and let these settle in.

Spring has also prompted me to get out these and these for a bit of hard yakka. I'm very stiff and I've generated an enormous amount green waste. But with no water it's hard to get a foothold in the beauty stakes.

An end to footy season. A blast from the past as Amy dons D's childhood jumper from no longer existing team. Much sadness and bemoaning the olden days of real neighborhood footy league.

And a new toy care of workplace technological obsolescence. So now we have three obsolete computers and I can return to the Mac fold for a bit of nostalgia. Aren't we lucky!

See you all in a week or so.


melindatrees said...

yep, youre lucky.i hope you have a great holiday.

manda said...

nice books, the sea and spring sunshine..happy holiday :-)

h&b said...

If it wasn't for the washing machine waste and the buckets in the shower, everything here would be dead.

I get so excited when there's enough washing to really soak the garden...

Suse said...

Your 'brief' is three times the length of my regular.

Have a great break. My turn next week.

jessica said...

enjoy, relax, read.
happy holiday.

Flapple said...

You don't seem to have much history in your pile. I think you should have more military history in particular. The books of Heinz Guderian and Erwin Rommel, both Field Marshals in the German Army during the Nazi regime, are quite good reading.