Sunday, 2 September 2007


My name is Suzie and I am a fabric addict.

Hello Suzie.

The rationalisations that prevent me from believing I have a problem.
It is cheaper than gambling.
It is more legal than heroin.
It is less physically damaging than extreme sports.
It is less socially destructive than alcohol.
It is more socially appropriate than sex addiction.
It is more practical than collecting fine china.
It is more community building than playing with model trains.
It uses less bandwidth than facebook, myspace or you tube.
It is more useful than restoring cars.
It is less privileged than playing golf.
It is less fattening than a vanilla slice.

And welcome Spring. What other way would I want to celebrate the turning of the seasons?

Now all I need is a clone to do all the child minding, report writing and domestic godessness whilst I sew us all our spring and summer wardrobes...


Di said...

Very funny :)
Wish I'd seen all this before I went shopping for you! I think I'll need to slip in a few extras when I send you the package.

Janet said...

me too. Need a clone that is. I think I need you to come shopping with me and tell me to buy stuff. It's all lovely. I just couldn't make up my mind today.... So I just got some nice but boring stuff for trousers.

jessica said...

oh the weakness of fabrics.