Wednesday, 19 September 2007


Amy: You are the best mum ever.
Me: Why do you say that honey?
Amy: Because you do the washing and make dinner and sometimes take the clothes off the line. Sometimes you even run my bath.
Amy: Mum, did you know six is an even number? Because it is three plus three.
Me: That's right.
Amy: And mum, did you know that nine is an odd number?
Me: How did you work that out? [since she hasn't been taught any maths per se and only knows about even numbers because they are something plus something when the something is the same]
Amy: I just did lots of thinking.
Amy: So if I ate all the lollies in that lolly bag I'd be so sick I'd have to go to the hostipal in an ambliance wouldn't I?
Amy: OK! The hostopital in the amluliance then.


Turning Japanese said...

What a clever girl.
Who does she take after? Mum or Dad?

Hollabee said... should post this more often...even write it in a book, I loooove reading this. Miss my little cousins back in Holland..they have the funniest sayings too :)

craftydabbler said...

I especially love the first one. My daughter could say all of those things about me, especially the one about sometimes taking the clothes off the line.

dani (pyglet) said...

My daughter was the same with 'hostipal' until I told her there was a 'spit' in the middle.(hos-SPIT-al) She liked the idea of being able to say 'spit' whenever she liked...she hasn't got it wrong since. We are now working on getting the 'spit' to have a little less emphasis

Stomper Girl said...

Umm...Sooz. Actually I think you'll find it IS hostipal and ambliance. Anyone who can work out the odd and even number thing just by doing lots of thinking MUST be right about the other stuff.