Monday, 27 August 2007

Spring is in the air

25 degrees people.

Shoes off.

Curtains and doors open.

Some new clothes sewn up whilst the younger is sleeping and the older is at kinder. I am so in love with Lara and Shannon's work and so very pleased with these quick and easy whip ups. I bet they will be in high rotation for the next six months.

And I let a six month anniversary pass without comment. Second child syndrome, sorry Wil. I do love you. Very much. I'm just short on blogging time.

He's really started on that swift upward curve of learning and already I am caught in the back draft. He's eating and sitting up and falling in love with a sipper cup.
The concentration!
The rush of success.

And darling, I swear, I am laughing with you, not at you.

Things mothers do with envelopes when they are very bored.


Marg said...

It was a beautiful day yesterday wasn't it!

kt said...

That is either a way-cool chef's tocque or wizard-in-training hat.

Either way, what a joyful face!

And Ms. Amy-the-model looks delish in that get-up.

You go, rockin'-craftin' mama!

kneek said...

Thanks for a great laughoutloud belly laugh right before bed (I'm rarely the laugh out loud kinda person).

h&b said...


SagePixie said...

I LOVE spring

& I love your spring posts ;-)

Is someone in that hammock?

We kept a hammock in our living room the whole time Morgan was a baby and just new to put up for the kids to hang out in.

rebecca said...

Pleased to see envelope hats are a must in your house too!