Wednesday, 29 August 2007

she's a sensation

Sorry, new toy. My own little You Tube. Expect more.

And do let me know if the video thing makes the page a bugger to load or anything like that. Would hate to make your lives slower or harder than they need to be.

This one is a bit dark, but every time I play it I laugh. This is what my evenings look (and sound) like. A sensation she is indeed.


And when people tell you that starting solids stops the reflux and the chucking?

Do not believe them. So glad I bothered to put on the fancy duds.

And what a shame I was sitting so close by.
Goodness that's two posts in one day.


Cosy said...

She's a cracker and indeed, a sensation! I love it! Keep up the videos. No prob with speed.

h&b said...

Love the funky dancing - what 'tude !!

Oogies on the spewgies.

jess said...

she is a great dancer. love it. the videos are great but in bloglines i can't see that there is a video in the post. as long as you mention that it is in there then i will know to go to your actual blog to see it.

kt said...

Videos ahoy!

Whatta dancer! She's Top o' the Pops!

(Is the soundtrack the Ramones?)

shula said...

memo to me:

never suggest solids with reflux.

I'm pretty sure that was me at Janet's.


Gabrielle said...

What fabulous dancing - I love the video - too cute.

kirsten said...

chucking? my two only stopped once they were vertical more than horizontal ie about 12 months old and walking around furniture... sad but true.

Kate said...

The chuck just smells worse and gets more colourful...

My Mum used to get ready for work in the mornings wearing a hospital gown over her work clothes to lessen the chance of arriving at work with weetbix on her shoulder. I have seriously considered asking my nursing buddies to swipe me one.

jessica said...

what a cutie dancing.

yukky reflux.

joanne said...

love a good chucker

Stomper Girl said...

Great dancing! Thanks for photographing and sharing the spew photos. No I mean it Sooz. Really. Thanks!