Tuesday, 14 August 2007


Recovered from the mastitis. Thanks for all the concern. Sorry, no photo. Disappointed?

Recovered from the party.

Actually, it was a blast. If you can say that about a flock (a gaggle? a crowd?) of children riding bikes in the rain. No injuries, no fights, no internal core meltdowns, no bad behaviour and spoilt brat antics. No screaming little brother begging to be taken home and put to bed. No food shortages or miles of leftovers. Not a thing to complain about at all really. There was enough helium left over from the lolly bag balloons for some funny voices. Even the fact we couldn't get the toilets open at the traffic school didn't present a problem and who would have thought that at a 5 year old party?

Recovered from some major bedroom deconstruction and reconstruction to make way for a mountain of presents. It took a whole freaking day but I am very glad it is done.

I think that took longer than preparing for the party and to be honest the excess of presentry was and is quite alarming for anti-stuff people like us. But I won't dwell on it because it makes me feel very uneasy and a bit sick and full of confusion about and sadness for the human race. Thankfully the world reads Amy like a book and she got lots of craft and drawing related things so there's a stash of rainy day fun awaiting us.

Instead I will dwell on the up side of the in/out rule (for everything that comes in something has to go out). Junk has been tossed, some 'baby' toys put away for Wil when he's a little older and a lot of stuff packaged up ready to go to a charity which provides supplies to mothers to be and families of young children in distress. I like the idea of the things we have used and loved going directly to someone in need rather than being routed through several hands and into the second hand charity market.

And Amy's room is beginning to look like a place a little girl keeps her things, instead of one large indiscriminate pool of junk. For today anyway. I can't wait until she really takes a hold of her space and starts to develop her own little nooks and crannies and routines. I am dying to facilitate an organised life.

It is hard to escape the reality that five is very different from four. Each morning Amy asks if today is her last day of kinder and despite my patient explanations about the nature of calendar years she is quite convinced that now she's five she should be going to school. Like today.

And it is really wonderful to see the way she is running into that future, so open, so willing, but still keen to share the trip with me. And everyone else of course. It doesn't seem possible, but I think I love her even more than I did yesterday. My gorgeous vibrant happy singing and laughing girl. May the world fail utterly in its efforts to crush your spirit.

On the crafting front I have finally cracked the sock pattern dilemma, pulled out the wool and started on a not very secret mission to knit some surprise socks for someone I love (I think measuring his feet may have given the game away but I'm not sure).

I am using the Amy Swenson Universal toe-up sock formula and it is perfect. I'm sure all of you committed sockers out there could do what the pattern does with your eyes closed, but the basic construction formula approach is just right for cutting my sock teeth. I'm not getting a lot of knitting time, so progress is slow but thus far trouble free. Let's hope my optimism is well founded.


Stomper Girl said...

The party looks fantastic. Traffic schools are the best. I have a bag of toys that I want to pass on to the needy and the boys keep finding the bag and pilfering stuff out of it. Sigh.

jessica said...

wow, sounds like the perfect party. how nice.

sue said...

What a fantastic idea for a children's party and educational at the same time. I know about clearing the decks to incorporate more toys into the room. We just had a big 2 hour clean up of my daugther's room before her party, and got rid of quite a bit of stuff. Thankfully the moms listened when I said she liked arts and crafts and got some really good crafty things to make and do for when it is too cold outside to play. Happy Birthday to your cute little girl too, and I am so glad that you are now pain free with the mastitis too.

Di said...

What a nice post -and a great idea for a party- traffic school!! I was at my god-daughter's 5th birthday last weekend and it is such a great age - she starts school on the 30th of august and is so looking forward to it!

Wendy said...

Looks like Amy had a great party. I really like your idea of limiting toys by making sure something goes out for every something that comes in. My daughter's much younger than Amy but even now I am worried about how to keep her from all the stuff that is thrown at kids these days. Glad your mastitis has gone too.


fiona said...

what a haul, i like to sock some of the excess away for later in the year as well, we have mekealis 6th this weekend.if there is a jump from 4-5 their is a bigger one coming for you next year!! cheers...