Friday, 10 August 2007

can you feel it?

Oh yeah. What she said.

I owe the very idea of knitting washcloths to Suse, who gave me one just after Wil was born and which I love. A couple of people have laughed or looked confused when informed I am knitting face washers (as in 'why would you do that?') and even I was thinking it was a bit of a folly after knitting one in a really stiff and scratchy cotton. Then I discovered this yarn.

So thick and soft.

And organic.

And fair trade.

And undyed but naturally pigmented.

I could eat it.

Or bathe in it... oh that's right, that's why I'm knitting face washers.

I am already anxious that this yarn may go off the market some time in the next few decades...

Meanwhile over here it is just one big birthday factory. Hundreds of gingerbreads baked
and decorated because kids who are allergic to eggs and nuts should still get to have a little homemade party sugar at a party where I am host.
There are presents to be wrapped, including a very sophisticated (and thankfully heavily reduced) designer outfit. I wish it came in my size.
Some cute PJs, also thankfully reduced. I am such the bargain hunter.

And a new doll who has been a long time coming and spent quite a while in the intensive care ward because I wasn't sure if she was going to make it. Her sister, the knitted version, is still on the critical list but may come good before christmas.

There are still chocolate crackles to make and lolly bags to fill, and 60 sausages (hand made to order by Amy's Aikido teacher!) and baby rolls to pick up, a lot of onions to slice and of course a giant cake to bake.

And four antibiotics a day to take (mastitis - don't ask and don't touch the boob) so that I will be upright on Sunday when we host the big event.

Which involves a whole lot of kids riding bikes.

In the rain.

And no doubt howling wind.


Janet said...

O.M.G. how cute is that doll?!?lucky Amy, Happy birthday, Amy!

...and hope all goes well on Sunday.

SharonH said...

soozs - I love you - your lateral and humourous look at day to day living cracks me up - and I just adore the doll!!!! Reminds me of many, many yeasr ago my then small daughter requested (as they do) a teddy bear cake from the Women's Weekly Children's birthday book - she wanted it so badly - I was medicated back to the eyeballs with flu type medication - I was at the point of no return - like wanted to go to bed pull the covers over my head and slip peacefully away undisturbed - I digress - I had to make this magnificent cake which had have DYED coconut to look like 'real' fur. After I had mixed the food colourings (a no no these days!!) and gently bathed the coconut in this whirling mixture I discovered I had in my bleary headpounding body aching state read the recipe wrong - we had the brightest orange bear - almost had to wear sunglasses from the glare and looking back probably the most hyped up kids in the neighbourhood... Oh the joys of little people's birthdays and sick mothers - but as the ad on telly dares to tell us with smiling, dancing people people - we soldier on!!!!! Good luck

SadieandLance said...

Happy birthday Amy and I promise not to touch your boobs Sooz.

samantha said...

Is that an AK doll? Lucy has Imogen (who I've had to sew her head back on a couple of times) who she loves to death (or headlessness as the case may be!)
Love Edenstar too, and the cute pj's.
Good luck for the party - especially with the boob thing (no cabbage leaves for you? I'm a bit miffed!)

Di said...

Love the doll and am in love with your washcloths- I may have to get some of that yarn myself- thanks for the tip.
And I feel for you (as opposed to feel you) on the mastitis front..
I'm sure the party will be (was ?) a blast and Amy a very happy Birthday Chick in her fabulous new wardrobe.

Amanda Edwards said...

Wow, you are going to such huge super-mother-esque lengths to make your kids happy! I nominate you for funky mother of the year!

shula said...


You're doing a birthday party with MASTITIS?!


Suse said...

Love the washcloth, nice loop ;)

Hope the party went well and the boobs are improving.

Cathy said...

I am so into knitting dishcloths at the moment, so I was delighted to read someone else gets 'blank' stares when you tell them that it what you are knitting. I find them fantastic in the kitchen - they soak up so much. I am onto my third one now. Thanks for the tip about the yarn.

Hope you are feeling much better - mastitis is so yucky!!!!

Kim said...

DUDE - no WONDER you've got mastitis. SIT DOWN already. Stop making the rest of us mastitis sufferers look bad.

Kirti said...

Oh Soozs mastitis I really really really feel for you darlin' it's CRAP! Had it for what seemed like months on end after Beau's birth. Don't you just feel like you've been hit by a double decker bus! I got through it with Chinese herbs. And cabbage leaves seriously the best thing ever. May it be a brief bout and may it never ever come back. XX
Gorgeous doll by the way - only a very super woman could do all that you do with throbbing boob!

Anonymous said...


Hope everything goes well and you'll get better soon.


Craftybernie said...

Hi - I had to leave a comment after stumbling across your blog this morning. I don't normally spend time actually 'reading' blogs, I'm more of a skimmer. But I really enjoyed what I read.

I've experienced quite a few emotions in the last 20 mins or so - happy, sad, melancholy, empathy...

Sorry about the sore boob - been there, done that! (is it weird having a strane blogger talk about your sore boob?)

Anyway, thanks for the mammeries, I mean memories. Enjoy your little bundles and happy crafting!!!

kneek said...

The doll is fantastic. Thanks for bringing light and a smile to my day. Just a bit of sarcasm is what I needed right now. Your writing is tops.

jessica said...

love the doll.

Carson said...

such cute and pleasing things
(ok, maybe not the mastitis thing)

Vivian said...

Hi there,
I discovered your blog by chance and want to thank you for the link to MY store: Ecoyarns.
I would like to list your blog (esp the comment on the yarns!) on my site and give you a gift! send me your snail mail address and tell me what you would like from the store ( value $50.00)

Big smooch.....

PS I adore the ak dolls too! have 3 on the go. 3 daughters you see :)