Friday, 27 July 2007


It's been a while since I spent a whole day out in the world. Me and the travelling roadshow that is a napping breastfeeding spewing just starting on solids five and a half month old boy. Plus the knitting of course. Hitching a ride with a friend, visiting another, putting a face to a familiar name and catching a life while it's still brand spanking new. I won't make you drool with tales of excellent views and baked goods. That would be mean.

But I will say how I am thrilled in a girlish and (I'd like to think) endearing way every time I meet up with people from the blog world. It still surprises me that anyone wants to meet me or read me and that they don't run screaming once they do.

And I will say that in my experience the strike rate for meeting excellent people through the blog world is considerably better than in everyday life. Not a perfect score but certainly much closer than I get elsewhere. Thank you lovely people, you do restore a girl's faith in the world.

Also a chance to visit the new premises of the felt dealer. This is not so much a shop as a parallel universe. Sandra, you wow me anew with each visit. So much inspiration in such a small space.

Might you need a bit of felt? Here's just a few colours to choose from.
Or perhaps you'd like to make your own felt from rovings and batts?

Or a kit with all the bits to make a felty gnome or woodland creature (or a needle felted car - can you believe that cuteness!)
Perhaps a new felt home or play mat is what you were after,

or some handcarved wooden animals or a teeny tiny wooden pram?

No, of course not. What you really need is a couple of rather large knitted chickens.
Some days the number of things I want to make is just so overwhelming I think I might burst.


shula said...


Donna said...

What a wonderful shop! I love the little gnome house.

Lara said...

Oh wow! A whole shop dedicated to felt! And 100% wool felt at that. I've never worked with felt before but I'm very curious!

Thanks for the very lovely and funny comment on my blog by the way! Don't worry, the new fabric wont be out till the start of Sept ;)

Lara said...

Oh, i think the shop link is wrong though - missing an .au?

Susan said...

I KNOW who you're talking about. She has seriously interfered with the stuff I need to do to stop this household descending into squalor.

Amanda Edwards said...

I have that problem all the time. So many ideas to make and so little time! Maybe when all of our babies are finally at school we will be able to make stuff until our hearts are content. Although that all sounds too good to be true..

Stomper Girl said...

I don't even have the urge to make stuff as you do, and I want to visit that shop!

Suse said...

It was so luverly, wasn't it?

And thank you to you too.

Janet said...

I think I have been deeply inspired by Sandra's shop. Baskets and colour everywhere. It was a great day wasn't it?

juliet said...

I dream of a store like that! where is it?

sooz said...

Juliet - click on the link in the post to get to the online shop. The real place is in Park Orchards in Melbourne

Di said...

A wonderful day indeed. So bummed I missed out on the trip to the felt dealer though..

taimarie said...

Oh my. That shop is like a dream. So wonderous.

belle said...

Sandra was my dealer when she was no more than a voice on the phone and a photocopied catalogue, then your blog led me to her online shop.... oh wondrous day !

Now you've shown me inside her shop,I want to hop on a plane right now and go straight there and have fun and spend money.

samantha said...

I've always ordered mine online, but now I think I need to visit the shop - where is Park Orchards? I'm not very direction savvy outside of the CBD! Love the look of those chickens - not that I really need anymore felt having still not unwrapped or used the last lot I bought from them!! ahem!

(sorry I'm a bit behind on my bloglines, so I'll just be off to your next post now :))

sexy said...