Thursday, 12 July 2007

Sliding right along

Witness almost complete external facade

Witness sexiest doors in sexy town

Witness biggest pile of crap in crap town

Witness most serious self portrait in preschoolers town

Witness the messy five month old breakfast in messy town (yep that would be zucchini)


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but until tomorrow, when the skip comes, we have beaten you for the title of 'biggest pile of crap in craptown!' I'm just waiting for "A Current Affair" to do an exposay!

Natasha said...

oh my gosh! that kid (wil) is great! my skinny nearly eight month old kid will hardly eat anything! (a bit of jelousy here!!)

h&b said...

I love your photo-journals - you do them so well.

And yes, those sliding doors do look sexy. Can they possible compete with the kitchen window though ?


Half-filled skip sitting in my driveway ATM .. waiting for rain to subdue a bit before we get back to it...

kirsten said...

hey, sooz, that house is lookin' veeeerry cool!

Kim said...

They are seriously sexy doors. And seriously cute children as well!

Lazy cow said...

Wil is such an adorable boy. I was telling my sister about him the other day, he made such a positive impression on me at the meetup. I keep meaning to say thank you for organising it too. I was lovely meeting you.