Friday, 20 July 2007

the rails

Things aren't gelling well right now.

The knitted doll project is just one problem after the other. I think I got the pattern mostly right despite instructions seemingly designed to confuse, but the sewing up is a disaster. The pattern implores me to use three needle cast off or crochet slip stitch instead of conventional sewing up and I liked the idea of a lovely uniform seam. The pattern is also adamant that Ineed to sew up with wrong sides facing.

But I just don't get it. I don't have live stitches so three needle cast off requires me to pick up a gazillion stitches, perfectly evenly around small irregularly shaped knitted pieces. So I tried crochet, but I get a seriously raised ridge across the seam, and I can't seem to get the tension right so the seams pucker. I've had to redo them quite a few times and clearly the whole thing is headed for the disaster zone. Maybe I should just go the regular kind of sewing up?

So I switched projects. Not a habit I promote, since the abandoned project usually ends up permanently binned, but since I switched to a sewing project rather than another knit I figured that would be OK. So I'm making a doll and it is not being kind either. Suddenly all the little finishing details seem to be getting me down and going wrong.

And both these projects are ones I have been looking forward to and trying hard to make time for and feeling confident about. So having them both go pear shaped really sucks.

So after a couple of nights looking forlornly around for something to occupy my hands that will not compound my feelings of failure and frustration I decided it was sock time. Only I still can't seem to find a good pattern and I saw one on someone's blog really recently that was perfect and now I can't remember where I saw the Colinette Jitterbug has gone back in the bag. Sigh.

Thinking through this mozz thing I went back to what I think is the best method for shaking the mozz. Do something quick and easy.

So out came the 127 Print. I originally bought this to make Wil's hoodie, but then Simmy sent me some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and that was a done deal so I was left with this mini stash awaiting an aran weight project.

We have so loved the baby yoda I knitted from this pattern in the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino that I decided I would try and make it in a bigger size. Wil is so nearly too big for the first one and the pattern is so lovely and simple I am confident (hear that? CONFIDENT!) I can successfully take it up a size.

It is the best baby knit I did for Wil - practical, good looking and a quick knit. The only modification I'd make to the original pattern is to make it a little bit longer. So I'm aiming to do a 6-12 month size. Check back here soon and you can either see another disaster on the pile or help me celebrate.

I do like the way this yarn knits up.

On a more edible note, D was given some of this as a thank you for doing some teaching and can I tell you? It's exceptionally good gear and helping me through my project devastation. Get yourself some if you can.


Carson said...

Oh, I'm using some 127 print at the moment. Actually to be honest it's just recently been consigned to the bottom of the knitting basket as I think I prefer it on the ball to knitted up
I think it may end up felted to make the most of the colour modulations..dunno yet. Lovely yarn isn't it?

sue said...

I love the baby knit, and it would be great in a bigger size too. I like the new yarn, and I like the outcome of the random colors too.

craftydabbler said...

Oh, I'm sorry things are rough right now. I do like how the yarn is knitting up, too. I just finished my first baby sweater and I got so frustrated trying to attach the collar. I am not good at grafting. Good luck!

Kim said...

I have no idea what any of that post meant until you got to the bit about chocolate and how it was good.

That should go some way to making you feel better.

"I do like the way this yarn knits up" is something I'm going to try and work into my speech every day.

jessica said...

yes, it is frustrating when something does not go well. perhaps the knitting will be a good one.

Di said...

Chocolate always helps.. and Koko Black?- well, you can't really go wrong!