Monday, 16 July 2007

felt the fear and did it anyway

I am totally ashamed to admit I have owned a Gocco for nearly a year (or perhaps more?) without using it.

I felt totally intimidated by it.

It was partly a technical thing, having never printed anything ever before using any kind of system at all, I was sure this was all going to end in tears.

But the other reason, the real reason, is that I just don't think I'm very good at making images. I'm far too functionalist it seems.

It's not that I can't recognise good work when I see it (Hear that Lara, Shannon, Kristen, Prints Charming and Sprout? I'm talking about you). I'm just not gifted in the graphic arts.

But an impending five year old birthday needing invitations and a slow Sunday stuck inside was a great excuse to face my fears.
The artwork isn't mine, so I didn't have that worry and on the technical front I figured her mates would be pretty forgiving.

I loved that Amy could do a good portion of the process on her own and that as widely promised it was easy and produced a really good quality image. Next time it's going to be fabric and perhaps even something from my pen (eek!).

It's the first time we're venturing out of the house to hold a party and those of you who were here this time last year may recall my feelings on the matter.

No, I haven't sold out!

But with a backyard somewhere between construction site and rubbish tip, it's no good place for a crowd of children. And I just don't have the heart to start Amy down the path of exclusion just yet. Asking her to choose a limited number of children to invite is so foreign to her. I gave her free reign and she listed 30 friends (and I'm sure a few more will pop up over the next week or two).

So we've hired the local traffic school (hence above art work - princess on bicycle). It's kind of like a big backyard isn't it?

Oh and yes, er, there will be lolly bags.

I know, I know, pure evil. Maybe I have sold out?

But as we got the Gocco running hot Amy got so excited about printing matching lolly bags that my slightest hint that we might skip the bags was met with total resistance. And I just thought what the hell, you know? I promise they will be mean lolly bags.

And there will be no other gratuitous games or prizes or entertainment. Except maybe a really lame, low rent treasure hunt. Maybe.

House works continue on. I am so looking forward to lying in bed or sitting on the floor and looking out at this. Of course there's a lovely garden to be made before that, but the new room is really taking shape and it isn't hard to imagine how fantastic it is going to be. All that North and West light is going to make this the best possible place to be all through winter and right now as we shiver and moan it is a most welcome day dream.

And I'm sure I will not remember all the phone calls and explanations and complaining it has taken for the glaziers to get the glass (pretty much) right or the times I told Amy in far too stern a voice to go inside while I balanced a spewing and whinging baby over my shoulder and told said bloke that yes, I do want it fixed even if he doesn't want to fix it. And the times I rang D at work and then the joiner and then D again and then the glazier and made sure the rubblish guy took the things off that pile, but left those ones over there behind all while I burned the lunch and dropped Amy's kinder snack box all over the floor and baked cupcakes and Wil didn't even get a nap and the neighbour who came for morning tea surely thought I was a lunatic.

I'm sure I won't remember any of that.

Nice view, eh?

And I don't say it often enough (although I think it so very often) that I think D is amazing. An amazing designer, an amazing worker and builder. He's an amazing dad and partner too of course, but standing in this room you get a sense of just how amazing the inside of his mind is. I am so very grateful we get to share in this vision of his and that he has done this wonderful thing for us. Thanks D, you are the best. The bestest of the best. As Amy would say, I love you infinity plus a hundred plus a hundred.


h&b said...

Your house rocks ( check that view, check those sexy windows !! ).

Watch me wipe the drool.

Have you forgotten childbirth yet ?
Rest assured the house pain will fade in a similar fashion, and you may even want to do it again ;)

Love the Gocco work too - the invites look fab, Amy ;)

My 'lolly bags' ( except there were no lollies ) here:

Highly recommend those chinese container things from the local $2 Shop..

Have fun !

kirsten said...

house is lookin' good! it'll be worth all the pain! and nice job with the gocco - i can totally relate to the fear of the gocco. but such good fun - can't believe i haven't done it again for, like, too long.

Kate said...

Great work with the gocco - I won't feel bad that mine has sat here for a month now with me too scared to have a go.

jessica said...

i have not tried gocco yet.
it is on my list.

your house is looking good.

Alison said...

See, the Gocco didn't bite! Max loves using it too :)

The house - well I am loving all your progress shots of it. The finished piece will be amazing.

And breathing a huge sigh of relief at parenting. God it's good to hear other mums say it.

Stomper Girl said...

The traffic school will be excellent fun! The beauty of it is that you will hardly be required to do anything with the kids and can kick back scoffing the fairy bread, until a spill or collision takes place.

Lolly bags are not evil! They are a very clever way of making the other kids GO HOME after the party. My kids have never eaten the entire contents of any lollybag they've received. I dole out a small ration for the car trip home, then stash them away and share them with Fixit when the kids aren't around. Because sugar is POISONOUS for kids!!!

Hope Amy has an excellent party.

Kim said...

you know, when you can sit in that room with a cup of tea and the glorious morning sun on your face or the nape of your neck? You won't remember any of the grief.

It is going to be absolutely stunning.