Friday, 15 June 2007

less talk more action

A beret to match the cowl in the glorious Debbie Bliss Maya yarn. I used the same pattern as Amy's beret with a few fiddles - 6.5mm needles and a few less increases and a little I-chord top. I like it and haven't taken it or the cowl off since they came off the needles. It's COLD!

I finished Amy's feather and fan mohair cowl, but I can't get it off her long enough to show you the stitches. Like I said, it is COLD here.

Finally made the zip pouch to carry nappies and wipes.It was a huge challenge to cut into the fabric that gorgeous Ellen sent to me from Japan a while back. I have stared at it and fingered it for such a long time but since I don't believe in leaving something so lovely in the cupboard, snip it up I did.This way I get to see it pretty much everyday. Sigh. I'm rather fond of the spotty inside too. And pleased to use up a zip from my op shop odd zip haul (20 zips for $1!). It is the perfect colour for the job.

On the home front our property increasingly resembles a tip, and the interior is headed the same way. The entire contents of our bathroom now share the living room and kitchen in one great big junk heap covered in dust. What a delight.

I am almost getting to breaking point. Not quite, but I see it approaching in the not too distant future. Look out!
But focusing on the positive, the radially sawn weatherboards have arrived (oh looky here it's a TREE...) which is exciting and fascinating. Can't wait to see what happens when we top and tail the log and it all comes apart like so much Terry's chocolate orange.

Oh and the roof is going on as we speak. Loudly.

And because I agreed to get older, I got this (thanks D!) which is allowing me to look at a few nice things up close and personal. Sorry, out of time!


Turning Japanese said...

Oooh, please don't think that I don't look / read here all the time. I pop by every other day. I only use the internet at school and it is a case of look but don't touch (I can see but not comment).
I totally remember that fabric (and didn't buy any myself though bought lots of other pieces). I am headed back as you know and am excited to see what's new in the world of fabric.
I will be there Sunday. Very excited. No fancy name tag... Ran out of time!

SadieandLance said...

Oh Happy Birthday!

Can't wait to see your Terry's Chocolate Orange weatherboards!

kirsten said...

thanks for the house extension update - i am living vicariously and watching your progress. :)

SagePixie said...

the cowls are AWESOME!

I've been loving one I made for myself a while back.

I'm so amazed you are able to keep up with your blogging during the remodel.


h&b said...

Lol at the imagery of the log and Terry's Chocolate Orange ;)

Have fun today - I can't make it due to husband working and having no desire to chase small child around a park while communicating fleetingly and absently with probably absolutely no-one.

I met Lazy Cow in a park with child, and it's just not good for a first meeting - my focus was elsewhere, and my boy sure can run.

If you move to a more contained cafe though ( with heating and hot coffee/soup! ;) .. i'd reconsider !

have fun ! :)

zoesquid said...

Hi sooz,
Love your blog. Ive just started my own and would love to add you to my list of faves if thats ok?
Kind regards

shula said...


What was it you actually made, or am I out of touch here?

Jodi Renshaw said...

What kind of camera did you get??? Do tell, as the close up pics look great.


sooz said...

Hi Jodi,

I got a fujifilm finepix f31. It’s actually been superseded by the f40, but the 31 was recommended to me as a better model (by someone who couldn’t get any more stock of the 31 so was effectively doing himself out of a sale!). This also meant it was discounted!

I was particularly keen to get something which took good photos in low light as I shoot indoors a lot, which had a lithium battery (a friend got one with aa size and she complained bitterly that the batteries needed changing every five minutes), manual capability and a fast shutter speed (important for shooting kids). It also has anti shake and a nifty face recognition feature which means it focuses and lights a photo to make sure the face comes out clearest.

I went in dead set on getting a canon powershot, as I have a canon digital video camera which is fantastic, and it seems lots of people use and speak highly of the powershot range. And I am still not sure how I can live without the flip out viewing screen. My main issue was the aa battery used in all but the most expensive model (G7) and that generally feature for feature they are expensive and bulky compared with others. The comparison photos I saw from a review site (whatever they are worth) made me feel I would need to spend pretty much twice as much on a canon to get the same kind of clarity in a low light situation as I could with the fuji.

I am pretty happy with it, although I haven’t had lots of time to play around. I will say the accompanying software is completely crap, not nearly as good as the stuff that came with my canon. When I have some time I’ll see if I can download a better version, but as a fix I’ve been using the Windows default photo download feature, which works just fine and then organizing and viewing photos using the canon program I had from my video camera stills function. So the crappy software isn’t a huge issue.