Thursday, 28 June 2007

another day another...

rain storm

bowl licked

batch of yo-yos baked

heap of dirty washing on the floor

table to be cleared

meal finished

dirty dish in the dishwasher

load of clean washing to be folded

pile of papers to be read for work

bucket of compost to be emptied

tumble of bibs on the floor

thing broken

drawing drawn and needing a home

milestone passed for a very proud girl

receipt for building materials to be added to the spreadsheet and filed

pair of muddy gumboots to be cleaned

afternoon without a sleep

step closer to a bathroom

pile of rubbish awaiting a skip

cat nap for a little boy

baby meal to prepare

disposable toy to accommodate

beam in
toy to put away

pair of abandoned shoes on the living room floor

homeknitted vest accidentally felted

homeknitted vest on the needles to replace the felted one

feather and fan cowl finally photographed up close

knitted cow to love

family birthday celebrated (and little girl all grown up)

detail only to a new photographer would bother to capture

Can you guess which photos are taken by the old hand and which ones by the new kid on the block?


Ali said...

What a great way to summarize a day!

pen & purl said...

Busy day! Congrats on the cow - looks great and has a character all of it's own.

62cherry said...

love this post, i really enjoy reading about you and your family and you always make me smile :)

Donna said...

What a wonderful collection of photographs! I love the one of the napping baby.

Jill said...

Ooh do you have a new camera? Or are you talking about your kids? Looking back through I think I can see a difference in some of the photos...... maybe my imagination! I saw this leather shoe tutorial and thought of you :-)

Stomper Girl said...

Sheeeeesh! It's all go at your place. I couldn't spot the difference in the photographers.

Suse said...

Oh I love 'your world'.

Great cow. I photographed all my knitted animals for you after our recent conversation, and put them on flickr. If you're interested.

Fashionmanic said...

thank you for the collection of photos, my house too is busy one, its nice to see that the shoe thing that goes on, is a typical life of a house x